Elements of your pledge semester:

  • Big Brothers: Throughout your pledge process, there will be one active member who will associate with you the most closely, track your progress, and help you out in any way. Your Big Brother will be a ready source of information and brotherhood, and with them you can discuss any questions you may have regarding the pledge period.

  • Getting The Gear: Throughout your pledge process you will be required to learn knowledge concerning the National Fraternity and our Local Chapter. This information is important to members and all members are required to learn it. There will be a period over a few weeks, determined by the pledge trainer, where all your knowledge will be learned and tested.

  • Pledge Project: As a pledge class, you have a choice of projects, which will be discussed in meeting. Pick whichever appeals to you the most. These projects are required because they allow you to gain a better understanding of Theta Tau and to provide this chapter with something useful that can be used for years to come. You will be given a budget for your project and your party, and you are expected to stay within that budget.

  • Pledge Pin and Books: You must wear your pin at all times except for the 5 S's. You must also have your books in your possession at all times.

  • Brotherhood: The most important element of the pledge period, but one that cannot be readily or easily defined, as you will learn...

Must satisfy all membership requirements
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