This fall marked another stroll on the boulevard and another season of winning football for the Mustangs. And with every home game is a chance to celebrate and tailgate on the boulevard before the games. Thousands flock to the main quad and the closed street, where large tents cover food, games, chairs, and TVs. This year was the second year that the Tau Beta chapter of Theta Tau had a tent on the boulevard, and we made the most of it.

Leading up to the season we made 8 foot tall wooden Theta and Tau letters, appropriately painted dark red and gold. We could prop these up at the tent to mark it as the official Theta Tau location. And our position was crucial, as it was near the official Lyle Engineering School tent, which always provides a good spread of tasty food. Speakers with pounding music, really good homemade cupcakes, members, alumni, lots of visitors, and good friends helped make each home game a success for the chapter. I was especially impressed by the amount of people who showed up each week. At any time there would be 20 or more people around the tent area, some prospective members, some members, and a few dedicated alumni.  Also it was important to have a good showing on the first home game, which was conveniently timed in the middle of our rush events.

It was great to have this much involvement, and to proudly display our fraternity to the rest of the school. What made this different than the other events that were put on was that this was so public, and it was a recurring event that happened more than a few times. Before the year began it had been one of the important points to show more involvement on game days, and I think this was a great success. Now weekly Boulevarding is something that I’ll look forward to in the fall.
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