25 Year Club

Staff 25+ PinThe following SMU staff have served the SMU community for 26 or more years.

Name: Department:
Janet G. Allmon  Central University Libraries
Patricia L. May  Office of Budgets and Finance
Nancy B. Merrill Health Center
Jose M. Moreno Facilities Planning
Ian J. Richards Dedman College
Marilyn K. Swanson Simmons School of Education
Ronald L. Wallace Facilities Planning
Richard Abrahamson Dance Operations
Elizabeth Aguirre Cox School of Business
Laura Amberson Dedman School of Law
David P. Anderson Dedman College
Charles R. Baker Perkins School of Theology
Lisa Barnes Public Affairs
Judith Jane Benes Dedman College
Belle Grace Bowens Cox School of Business
Claire Brooks Enrollment Services
Kathy E. Brooks Office of Budgets and Finance
Jo Ellyn Carrell Meadows School of the Arts
Mary Ann Casazza Campus Services
Faron S. Collins Facility Services
Steven M. Collins Athletics
Shelia Crain Statistics
Nancy Cunningham Dedman College
Lydia Dale Student Affairs
Delia Darwin Meadows School of the Arts
David M. Davis SW Graduate School of Banking
James L. Dees Lyle School of Engineering
Bill Detwiler Business Services
Carrie Donaldson Office of Information Technology
Chuck Donaldson Meadows School of the Arts
Susie Duarte Dedman College
William J. Dworaczyk Central University Libraries
Jane Elder Perkins School of Theology
Tara M. Emerson Meadows School of the Arts
Susan E. Evans Enrollment Services
Ann D. Faison Cox School of Business
Kurt M. Ferguson Dedman College
Richard H. Fethke Dedman College
Stephen E. Flora Office of Information Technology
Charles Flowers Facility Services
Norma Frentrup RLSH
Ellen Frost Perkins School of Theology
Andy Frye Enrollment Services
Paul Golden Earth Sciences
Jose Guerra Facility Services
Eliseo Gutierrez Meadows School of the Arts
Robert A. Gwinn Cox School of Business
John A. Hall Enrollment Services
Christopher Hayward Dedman College
Bobbye Heine Dedman School of Law
Abigail Hernandez Facility Services
Irma Herrera Enrollment Services
Vicki Hill University Curriculum
Susan Strobal Hogan  Residence Life and Student Housing
Rebecca Hood Simmons School of Education
Janet Hopkins Dedman College
James Horne Office of Information Technology
Caroline Hughey Financial Accounting
Kathleen Hugley-Cook Office of the Provost
Doris Hunter Athletics
Hillsman Jackson Development and External Affairs
Gregory L. Ivy Dedman School of Law
Carolyn W. Jeter Office of the Provost
Deanna McCullough Johnson Meadows School of the Arts
Mary Jane Johnson Office of the President
Daniel Jones Office of Information Technology
Jennifer Jones Student Affairs
Dianne B. Jopling Office of the Treasurer
Melissa Keene Meadows School of the Arts
Sunny Koduvath Office of Information Technology
Patricia LaSalle-Hopkins Public Affairs
Clare I. Lattimore Central University Libraries
Kevin Ledbetter Facility Services
Arlene Manthey DEA
Robert Martinez Facility Services
Linda G. Miller DEA
Nick Monroy Dining Services
Scot Montague Dedman College
Lisa Montes Dedman School of Law
Agustin Munoz Facility Services
Tito Munoz Facility Services
John O'Connor Controller's Office
Joe Papari Enrollment Services
Jerrel Peck Facility Services
Frank Perry Facility Services
Mildred Pinkston Dedman College
Carol Porter Student Affairs
Dee Powell Cox School of Business
Sam D. Ratcliffe Central University Libraries
Sherry Reinwald Enrollment Services
Sarah Rincon Controller's Office
Rhonda Rompola Athletics
Frankye Ross Underwood Law Library
Rosemary Sanchez Dedman College
Deborah Elizabeth Seiter Underwood Law Library
Brenda Sharpless Office of Information Technology
Ann Shattles Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center
Tammy Sherwood Lyle School of Engineering
Bob Sherwood Facility Services
Edward L. Sinnott Athletics
Dyann Anderson Slosar Student Media
Cathey A. Soutter Health Center
Chris Smith Office of Information Technology
Thomas Spann Perkins School of Theology
Jon Speck Perkins School of Theology
Kathey Starkey Controller's Office
Sheri A. Starkey Business Services
Jim Stillson Athletics
Billie Stovall Central University Libraries
Sharon Baker Tabbert Dedman School of Law
Sandra Tefft Office of Facilities Planning and Management
Kathleen E. Tibbetts DEA
Rojelio Torres Facility Services
Billy Townsend Facility Services
Marilyn J. Trent Office of Information Technology
Winston Tubb Underwood Library
Donald Tutt Facility Services
Alison Tweedy Campus Services
Linda K. Umoh Perkins School of Theology
Mary Frances Varela Dedman College
Juan Villafana Facility Services
Rosalava Villanueva Facility Services
Rita Villanueva Facility Services
Diana Vineyard Dedman College
Michael S. Washington Campus Services
Roland C. Webb Dedman School of Law
M. Susan White DEA
Julie A. Wiksten Operational Excellence
Rhonda Wilborn Educational Programs
Dale A. Winkler Earth Sciences
Dave Wollman Athletics
Patricia F. Woods Enrollment Services
Carolyn Yates Dedman School of Law