SMU Alternative Breaks

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“By submerging myself in an unfamiliar culture and being with people whom I mostly didn’t know, I was able to gain a new perspective that changed the way I viewed my role as a student, person, and citizen.”  Katie Maiers, SMU student

“I enjoy how Alternative Breaks is a very unique opportunity to the SMU campus because it allows students to be able to personally make an impact and experience issues that they may never have faced in a new, personal, and close up light.”  Janice Kim, SMU student

“One of the aspects I love most about Alternative Breaks is the fact that you don’t know any of the people in your group when you head off to your destination, but you end up being best friends with all of them by the time you get back.”  Emily Dombrowski, SMU student

“It was probably one of the most challenging yet rewarding weeks of my life.” Jessica Chu, SMU student