SMU Women Teams Site

In order to facilitate more regular discussions and sharing of ideas, we have established an SMU team site with two different channels. One called Motivation where we can share quotes, recommend books, encourage each other etc.  One is general where we can post event information, connection opportunities (like anyone want to meet at starbucks?) etc.  The good news is that you can avoid email notifications and simply have all activity appear in the teams app.  The app can be downloaded on a device—or you can simply login through your web browser. 

Joining the team:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your SMU email address using the format (VERY IMPORTANT)
  3. Select Work or School account (if prompted)
  4. Enter your SMU ID and password and click Login
  5. Confirm the request with Duo.
  6. Once in the teams website, click Join or Create a team (bottom left)
  7. In the Join a team with a code, enter vubyd8a
  8. That should add you to the team.  Feel free to post something when you join! 
  9. Download the desktop application from  I find the app much easier than going through the web each time.  But I’m also in this app throughout the day!  You can also adjust notifications in your profile setting within the app.


  • This is about connection and collaboration to help us all grow as women and develop our network at SMU.  Posts should be geared towards those goals.
  • This is not the appropriate vehicle for political, religious, or institutional commentary.  We should be mindful and inclusive of our full community and respectful of different viewpoints.