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OIT Training On-DemandWith OIT’s Training On-Demand, you can access many of our webinars at your convenience. You can get an introduction to using Canvas while eating dinner, or watch how to get started with Box, our cloud storage solution, before breakfast.

For instruction beyond what we offer below, we have Lynda. Through, you have access to over 700 business and professional development courses, over 600 web design and development courses, over 1000 design and photography courses, and much, much more. These courses are presented by industry experts who are just as passionate about teaching as we are. One of the benefits of the courses is they can be viewed on your computer, phone, tablet, or TV. To see what is available, please visit

Training On-Demand / Webinar
Instructor Recording Date
Using the SMU Password Reset Tool Zach Peterson 10/30/2017
Enhancing Your Presentations with PowerPoint & Sway Zach Peterson 3/22/2017
Getting Started with Box Cloud Storage Zach Peterson 3/6/2017
Using Appspace: Appspace for Beginners Ian Aberle 2/9/2017
Using Sitecore: Advanced Tips and Tricks using HTML and CSS (2016) Ian Aberle 11/17/2016
Network Storage: What, Where & When Zach Peterson 11/10/2016
Using Sitecore: Sitecore Basics (2016) Zach Peterson 11/4/2016
Using Sitecore: Slideshows and Graphics Ian Aberle 10/26/2016
Appspace 5: An Introduction Ian Aberle 9/15/2016
Canvas: Introduction & Modules Zach Peterson 8/9/2016
What's New in Sitecore 8.1
Ian Aberle
Canvas: An Introduction Zach Peterson 5/25/2016
Unified Messaging: Your New Voicemail Zach Peterson 3/29/2016
SharePoint in the Cloud Laurene Klassen 2/26/2016
Inside.SMU Permissions Curt Herridge 07/24/2014
HTML for Sitecore Ian Aberle 07/22/2014
Wiki Basics Lane Duncan 07/04/2014
Using Lyris Email Lists Rachel Mulry 06/25/2014
Creating Images and Icons Emily Blackmore 04/22/2014