Office of Information Technology

Welcome to Your Certiport Certification

Please follow the steps below to take your certification test:

  • 1

    Sign in with your Certiport account information.

    If you do not have a Certiport account, create one now at Click Login/Register to create a new account.

  • 2

    Click Launch Exam.

  • 3

    Choose Inventory.

  • 4

    Enter the Exam Code for your instructor.

    The code will be listed on the laminated card found at your seat.

  • 5

    Raise your hand for a proctor to enter their password.

  • 6

    Start the exam when ready!

Pro Tip:  Save often and submit your exam a few seconds before the time runs out. Otherwise, your score may not generate immediately, which could force you to restart the exam.

Please Note:  If you experience any issue with files not downloading, please raise your hand for assistance. Proctors cannot help with definitions or questions used in the test.