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Training Handouts

Outlook Productivity       
Office 2010 for Windows    PDF  
Office 2010 for Mac    PDF  

Word Beginners

Word Quick Reference Guide (Windows & Mac)    PDF  
Word 2011 Keyboard Shortcuts      
Word Advanced      
 Word Advanced Handout (Windows)    PDF  
 Word Advanced Handout (Mac)    PDF     
Excel Beginners      
Beginner Handout: Online copy not available, contact for additional copies 
Create Custom Lists for Windows   PDF   
Create Custom Lists for Mac   PDF   
Convert Text to Columns (Windows & Mac)   PDF Tutorial 
Excel 2011 Keyboard Shortcuts      
Understanding Formulas & Pivot Tables - LEC      
Additional Excel Resources not covered in Beginners class      
Concatenate Text   PDF  
Creating Formulas Video Course      Tutorial
Creating Formulas Reference Guide   PDF  
List of Excel Functions   PDF   
Excel Advanced      
Excel Advanced Handout (Windows and Mac)    PDF  

Designing Engaging Content in PowerPoint

Mail Merge      
 Mail Merge Handout    PDF