Certification Testing Instructions

Welcome to Your Certiport Certification

Please follow the steps below to take your certification test:

Scan the QR code with your phone to check-in.
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    Sign in with your Certiport account information.

    If you do not have a Certiport account, create one now at Certiport.com. Click Login/Register to create a new account.

  • 2

    Click Launch Exam.

  • 3
    Click Next. 
  • 4

    Filter the exams available by selecting "Microsoft Office Specialist".  Then, enter your exam and search. (For example, enter "Excel 2019".) Select the desired exam.
    Exam selection window

     Failure to select the correct version of the test may result in the need to retake the exam to meet the educational requirements of your professor.

  • 5

    Agree to the NDA.

  • 6

    Raise your hand for a proctor to unlock the exam.

Pro Tip:  Save often and submit your exam a few seconds before the time runs out. Otherwise, your score may not generate immediately, which could force you to restart the exam.

Please Note:  If you experience any issue with files not downloading, please raise your hand for assistance. Proctors cannot help with definitions or questions used in the test.