Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Taking the MOS Certification for a class

We are excited that you will have the opportunity to become Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certified as part of your coursework. Here is some helpful information to help you on your journey to becoming MOS certified.

Using the GMetrix Practice Materials
Please Note:  You will need to have the full version of Office 2016 on your computer for the software to function properly. Active SMU students can obtain Office here. If you encounter problems taking a GMetrix practice exam you can contact them through their support form.

GMetrix practice exams allow you to choose between Training mode, which will allow you to view hints and retry missed questions, and Testing mode, which will simulate actual testing conditions. As part of SMU’s pilot program, in order to be eligible to sit for the Office 2016 certification exam, you must first score an 800 on the practice exam in Testing Mode. This must be achieved prior to scheduling your exam. Exam objectives and a list of FAQ’s may be found on the Microsoft Office Specialist site

All Microsoft Office 2016 certification exams are administered in Microsoft Windows. Owners of Windows computers may access and download GMetrix on their personal computers. Instructions for setting up your GMetrix account and installing software can be found in the GMetrix MOS Practice Tests Quick Start Guide .

A Special Note for macOS Users:

Unfortunately, the GMetrix software is not compatible with the macOS. This is due to the functionality of the Mac versions of Office differing from what is used for the official certification, which is Office 2016 for Windows. Some students using macOS have been successfully installed GMetrix using Boot Camp to create a Windows partition to install the Windows version of Microsoft Office and the GMetrix software. While it is possible to get this setup to work on a Mac, this is not something GMetrix supports. If you need assistance with getting GMetrix installed on your MacBook or MacBook Pro, the IT Help Desk can help install it for you.

For your convenience, we have also installed GMetrix on all public windows computers throughout Fondren Library. 

In order to access GMetrix on the Fondren Library:

  1. Log in to the computer.
  2. Select the GMetrix icon from the desktop.
  3. The first time you access this account click Sign Up and create your own unique user account and click Confirm.  Then log out of the Gmetrix website. 
  4. From the desktop, launch the GMetrix Skills Management icon again. Log in with your newly created credentials. 
  5. Enter your newly created login credentials.  Then, select Access Code to redeem the access code. The access code will be found in the Canvas course for your class. Once this is complete you may begin utilizing the practice exam software. 
Scheduling your exam

Once you have scored 800 in Testing Mode in GMetrix, you are ready to schedule your exam. Registering for an exam time can be done online at You will need to bring a copy of your Testing Mode test results (printed or with mobile phone photo are acceptable) and your SMU ID to your exam. 

Create a Certiport Account

Please Note:  Your Certiport account is different than your SMU account. To save time during your exam session, create your Certiport account now!.

You will also want to create a Certiport account before taking your exam. This is a different account than your GMetrix account as Certiport is used for the actual Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exam. To create your account go to

What happens if I don’t pass the certification exam the first time?

You may retake the exam, but you must wait 24 hours after the initial exam. This gives you plenty of time to take another practice test and study a little more if needed. If you do not achieve a passing score the second time, you will need to wait 48 hours before retaking each subsequent exam.  

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Need help?

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