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Office of Information Technology

ECAR Annual Study of Students and IT

2013 Students and IT Study Results

In 2013, ECAR surveyed more than 113,000 students from 251 institutions and 14 different countries. The goal of the study is to emphasize students' experience using technology for academic purposes. This will help faculty gain better understanding of the benefit using technology in class and give them insights of what their students think is useful for them. The study will also help institutions focus on issues regarding technology issues that matter most to students. Below are some interesting findings from the study. 


Interesting Facts

  • 74% of the students have used E-books for their courses.

  • 60% of students say they want to keep their academic and social lives separate

  • More than 90% of the students have laptops

  • 67% of the students prefer face-to-face interaction and email as a ways to communicate more with their instructors

  • 14% of students say they skip classes when lectures are available online

  • 70% of students say they learn best in blended learning environments

  • 75% of students say that technology helps them achieve their learning outcomes

  • Over 60% believe that by the technology they use in their classes will help them at their workplace as well

  • Students expect their instructors- not others- to train them to effectively use the technology required for the course work


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