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OIT Technology News: May 2014

  Summer Webinars

Want to Specialize in Excel?

1 hr. Webinar

This September we will be hosting a study group for those who would like to prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification in Excel 2013.

The interest session will cover:
  • Certification Benefits
  • Recommendation of Self-Study Materials
  • Study Group Session Information
  • Objectives covered in the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification (Level 1 – Recognition of core skills in Microsoft Excel)
  • Q/A

Inside.SMU Permissions

1 hr. Webinar

This webinar will show you how secure Inside.SMU is and how to utilize Inside.SMU’s permissions features. We will begin with the difference between Site permissions, Library versus List permissions, and Documents as opposed to List Items permissions. Next, we will show you how to grant permissions and then test to make sure they are applied correctly.

Lyris Email

30 min. Mini-Webinar

Lyris provides mailing list functionality for use by the SMU community for email lists containing SMU and/or external email address.  The lists are highly configurable offering several differenct options for facilitating announcement lists, discussion lists and moderated discussions. 

Password Reset
30 min. Mini-Webinar

The Online Password Tool offers 4 main features allowing an individual to manage their SMU login credentials.

  • Enroll: Must be completed with a working SMU ID and password to be able to use the Password Reset Tool.
  • Reset: Used when the individual does not have a working password and has previously enrolled.
  • Change: When the individual knows their SMU password and wants to change it.
  • Unlock: After a certain number of incorrect login attempts, your SMU account may become locked.

Sitecore Basics

1 hr. Webinar: July 15 11:00am -12:15pm

Are you new to Sitecore, SMU’s Web Content Management System? Are you a user, but you’re not using it regularly enough to remember how to use it? We can help. The Sitecore Basics class will cover everything you need to know to get started using Sitecore.

Topic Covered Include:

  • Logging in to Sitecore
  • Customizing your Toolbar
  • Creating New Pages.Uploading Media, such as PDF files and images
  • Inserting images into Pages
  • Linking to Pages and Media
  • Using Widgets
  • Staging your pages for review
  • How to preview your site
  • Making your content live

HTML Basics for Sitecore

1 hr. Webinar: July 22 2:00pm -3:00pm
Do you want to give your Sitecore pages that little something extra? Sitecore, SMU’s Web Content Management System, does a lot of the work in creating your pages, but sometimes it needs a little wrangling to get it to shine. The HTML for Sitecore Users class will cover basic HTML use in Sitecore and how to spice up those pages by editing the CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, the language that give your pages style.

Topic Covered Include:
  • Basic HTML Tags and Formatting
  • Cleaning up Sitecore’s HTML
  • Basics of CSS tags in Sitecore
  • Using simple CSS classes created by SMU Marketing
  • Staging your pages for review
  • How to preview your site
  • Making your content live


1 hr. Webinar

Wiki.SMU is an online documentation system that allows for collaboration and shared editing of articles.  It can simplify the organization and updating of information, both within your organization and all through the University.

In this class, we’ll cover Wiki.SMU basics, like

  1.  How to create an article
  2.  How to paste images and formatted text
  3.  How Wiki.SMU can streamline updates to frequently-changing information