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OIT Technology News: May 2012

OIT Newsletter: Summer

OIT Tech News: May 2012 - Page 3

Technology Training

Looking to improve your knowledge and skills in Microsoft Word, Excel or inside.SMU? A number of brief training sessions have been scheduled throughout the summer on these three applications. Listed below are the course descriptions for classes held this summer:

Word for Beginners

Hands-on-training: 90 minutes

  • Understand the Microsoft Ribbon, context sensitive tabs and page set up options
  • Navigate between views and windows
  • Review basic page layout including fonts, styles, format headers, footers, tabs, page & section breaks
  • Manage Document Design using SmartArt, Clip Art, screenshots, templates & building blocks
  • Learn proofing tips using find and replace, spellcheck & auto correct options
  • Explore time saving tips to navigate within your document easily

Word Advanced

Demo session: 60 minutes

  • Review documents using the track change features
  • Use permissions & passwords to restrict editing
  • Explore tips for making mail merge an easy task
  • Utilize the screenshot tool, embed objects, bookmarks and references
  • Apply and manipulate macros

Excel for Beginners

Hands-on-training: 90 minutes

  • Manage the worksheet environment
  • Build a basic table and learn formatting options
  • Work with sorting and filtering
  • Insert and rename worksheets, switch worksheet views and windows
  • Use basic formulas and functions
  • Understand basic charting

Inside.SMU 101 & My Site

Demo Session: 60 minutes

This demo session will introduce you to the powerful collaboration tool of Microsoft SharePoint. Explore different uses for Inside.SMU, and learn about the solutions it offers for an intranet platform, document repository, project management tool and much more.

Did you know you have a personal site in Inside.SMU as well, that is capable of storing content, managing your personal brand, and allowing for collaboration amongst colleagues? We will show you use cases for Inside.SMU and how to use your personal profile page, manage content by using tags and notes for easier accessibility, use My Sites as on online phone book, and search to see where your colleagues fit in the organizational chart.

Inside.SMU Calendaring

Hands-on-training: 90 minutes

  • Explore various use cases for Inside.SMU calendars
  • Learn how to connect to Outlook and sync calendars
  • Review calendar options for adding custom columns
  • Understand view settings and create calendar overlays
  • Exercises will also include instruction on site navigation and how to utilize web parts for basic site editing

For additional information about upcoming courses and our new IT Training Certification, visit

Summer Training
Course Schedule

5/2 9:00am Access.SMU
2 in 1
5/2 9:00am Access.SMU
3 in 1
5/8 9:30am TimeAccess
5/16 12:00pm Word Advanced
5/22 1:00pm Word Beginners
5/24 12:00pm Word Advanced
5/25 10:30am Word Beginners
6/14 12:00pm Inside SMU 101
6/19 12:00pm Inside SMU 101
6/27 10:30am Excel Beginners
7/11 10:30am Inside.SMU Calendaring
7/26 10:30am Excel Beginner
8/2 1:00pm Inside.SMU Calendaring
8/8 10:30am Excel Beginner