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OIT Technology News: May 2012

OIT Newsletter: Summer

OIT Tech News: May 2012 - Page 2

Important Network Changes to Office Computers This Summer

Using DHCPThe DHCP Project was announced in the December newsletter. This project will assign new IP addresses to most of the devices currently on the Wired network. We have completed the initial planning phase for the project and will begin implementing the new addressing this summer.

Your input is needed

If you know of any issues that might result in changing your IP address, please email as soon as possible. In many cases, access to licenses, departmental servers etc, are tied to the computer IP address.  Our team will need to discuss in more detail how to update your IP address and update the security for these dependencies as well.

What will Change

At a basic level, the network configuration will change from a Static address to a dynamic address provided by the DHCP server. During the scheduled conversion time for your computer, most of the changes will be initiated remotely. The device will lose connectivity for about 5 minutes while the configuration on the device and the network is completed.

For IT managed Windows and Macintosh computers, the OS will immediately regain network access after the configuration is complete. For non managed devices, a registration process is required before network access is granted. That process consists of launching a web browser and providing your SMUID and password to authenticate against our registration database. Once that is complete, the network connection will be reestablished and full network access restored.

Remote desktop connections will continue to work after the change in IP address; however the process will be slightly different. Instead of using the IP address to locate your computer on the network, you will use the Host Name (example: New instructions for establishing the Remote Desktop Connection and locating your machine’s hostname will be available in the next few weeks.

Printers will also be migrated to a new addressing scheme. This means that you will need to reinstall the printers on your office computer. OIT will provide instructions for reinstalling the printers and will also provide desk side and remote assistance throughout the migration.

Schedule and Process: At a Glance

DHCP will be deployed by building in order to reassign our IP address space. There is an initial discovery period necessary for each building to determine which devices must remain on a Static network in order to remain functioning. Once those are identified and addressed, we can move more quickly to convert the remaining connections to DHCP. We will be contacting individuals within each department to help us with the scheduling and discovery process.

Once the schedule is determined, an email will be sent to each individual with their scheduled migration time. If the employee is not on campus on the scheduled date, their computer must be turned on for the configuration process to run. We will work closely with the departments to ensure that devices are successfully configured and network access is restored throughout the process.

We have scheduled the work to take place during the summer to provide the least disruption possible. A DHCP environment offers greater flexibility and ease of connecting devices to the wired network. It is also a pre-requisite for a number of technologies in the market. This important network change will allow us to more easily implement the new technology as well as support a more mobile environment.  Project updates will be available on our website throughout the summer. We appreciate your patience during this important implementation.