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OIT Technology News: March 2014

OIT Focus Group

During the month of February,OIT partnered with HR to conduct a focus group designed to gather ideas and feedback from customers on the services provided by the Help Desk, Field Support and Training teams. Our objective was to identify ways to improve the customer experience when they request and receive support from these three teams, identify how we can help them adopt new services more quickly and more successfully, and how we can become a more strategic partner to help support their technology needs.

We received incredible feedback from this exercise and are working through an action plan. Below are a few of the changes that we are currently implementing based on the input from this group.

Improve communication when a field support consultant is dispatched

  • The Help Desk is now scheduling appointments whenever possible while the customer is still on the phone. These appointments will be booked in Outlook on both the consultant and the customer's calendars so you know when a consultant will be there!
  • The Help Desk is also gathering details regarding your preferred method of communication.  This will help ensure the consultant is contacting you using the medium you expect (cell phone, office phone, email, Lync etc.)
  • The consultants will begin notifying you when they are en route to your location.

Increase the level of support at the Help Desk for Sitecore and Sharepoint

  • Two of the Help Desk staff will be working on a Sharepoint certification this year.
  • Two of the Help Desk staff are focusing their attention on increasing their knowledge of Sitecore by updating various pages on the OIT site as well as creating tutorials and quick guides for the various publishing tasks.
  • Discussions are underway to provide collaborative learning opportunities with power users in both of these applications.  More details will be provided soon!

Improvements in the Ticketing System

  • We've decreased the frequency of the customer satisfaction surveys that are sent when a ticket is closed.  You always have the option to provide feedback, but we certainly don't want to annoy you with lots of survey requests!
  • We are currently redesigning the interface, so it will be more user friendly. Since multiple groups use the ticketing system for many different purposes, we want to be sure the portal page provides a clear path for requesting the specific help you need!  We'll roll out the new interface structure during the month of April.

We are also working on action plans based on feedback and will share them in a forthcoming newsletter. 

Remember, whenever you need assistance with any of the IT services, it is best to contact the Help Desk via phone, email, ticket or online chat.  If they don't know the answer or don't have the permissions needed to fulfill the request, they will ensure that the request is transferred appropriately to the right individual.  By serving as the single point of contact, we can more efficiently handle your request as well as increase our knowledge for future support needs! 

Once again, we thank all those that participated in the Focus Group as well as Lorea Seidel and Mary Stall for facilitating!  This was a valuable exercise and we are grateful for the feedback! 



Technology Emergency After Hours?

Do you know what to do if there is a technology emergency after hours?  Just call the help desk phone number and listen for the instructions!  If our staff is not available, you have an option to leave a message on an emergency mailbox.  That will notify the individual on call.  Please note, this should be reserved for emergency situations only and not for general questions.  

The help desk full time staff is available during the following hours:

  • Monday-Thursday 8am-6:30pm 
  • Friday 8am-5:30pm
  • Saturday 9am-5pm

Our student workers are available to answer your call Monday through Friday until 9:00pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, and Sunday from 9am-9pm.