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OIT Technology News: June 2011

OIT Newsletter: Summer

OIT June 2011 Newsletter: Page 2


You Asked...We Listened!

A Followup to the Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

During the month of March, IT conducted the annual customer satisfaction survey.  We briefly outlined the main themes of your feedback in the April edition of Technology News.  There were five major areas targeted for improvement.  The following outlines our action plan to address each of these areas over the next several months.

Improve the Communication and Education on the Services we provide

All Services

To help communicate the function and value of each new service, we have begun publishing a short web tutorial that provides a brief overview.  Additional tutorials are also being developed to outline specific functions of each service.  Emails, newsletter articles and Demo sessions are held to introduce these services to campus.  Our marketing efforts have certainly increased for the new services. However, we are still trying to spread the word about our existing services as well!  Look for an increase in Brown Bag sessions, webinars, and other training opportunities coming in the next several months!

Help Desk Response times on the phone

Contact Support

As our service offering has grown and our customer base has grown, our help desk staff has remained the same size.  The monthly statistics for the Help Desk show that issues are still being resolved in a timely manner and all tickets, voicemail, emails and walk ups are handled quickly and efficiently. However, the Help Desk regularly receives the complaint that we are difficult to reach on the phones. 

During the Fall semester, we expanded our help desk by adding a team of Student Workers. This team was dispersed serving Blanton, FLW, FLE, and Hamon.  With our impending move, we will be able to consolidate at least two of these locations to better staff our help desk counter.  The student team is able to assist with a variety of tasks including wireless configuration, email configuration, cell phone activations and configurations and other issues that require a good bit of time.  This allows the 4 full time staff members, to be on the phones ready to take your call.  With the addition of the Student Workers, we saw a 15% increase in the overall calls that were answered rather than routing to voicemail. 

Once we are in our new location, we will be expanding our support via the Live Chat tools to allow even quicker access to the full Service Desk team.  We will continue to make the necessary changes in order to answer your questions more quickly.

Standardization of classroom equipment and computer setup

Classroom Support

The classroom support team is currently working on several initiatives to enhance the technology experience in the classroom. Several rooms are being upgraded throughout the summer as part of the normal refreshment process.  In addition, the team is working on an Enterprise Control System that would “unite” all the classrooms under one central console. This would allow the Help Desk and Classroom Support teams to troubleshoot and respond to classroom technology support calls more quickly, without having to dispatch a technician for each request. Finally, OIT is tackling some new tools that could drastically improve the technology experience.  Although we aren’t ready to deploy that solution, we are certainly testing it out with the classroom equipment in mind!

Wireless capacity in the Residence Halls and classrooms

SMU Wireless

600 new Wireless Access Points have been ordered!  These support a/b/g/n signals and will offer greater capacity and coverage.  Half of these APs are designated for installation in the Residence Halls and Fraternity Houses.  The Network team will be installing these as quickly as possible this summer.  The remaining Access Points are designated for classrooms and buildings that have been experiencing coverage or capacity issues over the past few months. 

Discussions are also underway to secure funding to extend the current wireless coverage in the Fraternity Halls.  When wireless was installed in the Fraternities, it was designed to offer coverage in the common areas only and not in the individual rooms.  As technology has changed over the past few years, wireless access in each of the rooms is in high demand. 

In addition to the new Access Points, several changes will be made to the infrastructure (switching equipment, packetshaper etc) to increase the capacity of the wireless network.  Updates will be posted on our website throughout the summer as we complete the various installs.

Students should definitely see a vast improvement in the Wireless network as they return for the Fall semester.

More storage space in email, locker and network drives


On May 21, a new storage quota was applied to all email accounts.  For faculty and staff, the storage quota was increased to 2 GB.  For students, the quota was increased to 1 GB. In addition to email adjustments, OIT is raising the capacity of other available storage solution.  Locker quotas will increase to 4 GB for Faculty and Staff (personal storage) and 2 GB for Students.  V drive quotas will also increase based on departmental needs and usage. 

Personal Web Space quota was also raised to 100MB.

OIT will continue to monitor and adjust storage quotas on an annual basis.

We value your input on our service and support. We strive to provide the technology and the support you need for research, teaching and business functions.  Although we only conduct the survey once a year, please let us know if there is anything we can do to better support you at SMU.