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OIT Technology News: July 2014

OIT Technology News: July 2014

Office 365 – Student Email Beyond Graduation

We are making progress on the Office365 migration project. Due to the impact of the migration on device configuration and support, we have chosen to delay the migration until September. There are three components to this project: Office ProPlus, OneDrive for Business, and Student Email migrations.

Office ProPlus

Office ProPlus offers students the ability to download and install the full Office suite on up to 5 devices -both Mac and PC platforms! There are several changes to the account properties that must be completed before we can enable OfficePro Plus. These changes are currently underway. We will have Office ProPlus available to students by August 1.

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business offers 1 TB of storage and is tightly integrated with the Office applications. It will also be enabled for students by August 1. We will be able to offer OneDrive for Business for all Faculty, Staff and Students and will announce once it is enabled for employees. Files can be stored and accessed from anywhere in the world and easily shared with others. OneDrive for Business will replace for student use. We are still evaluating OneDrive as a replacement for faculty and staff usage of Locker. More details on the migration off of Locker will be communicated in early Fall.

Student Email Service

Finally, we will migrate the student email service to Office 365 beginning in September. There is an interruption in email access during the actual move of each mailbox. We will communicate extensively throughout the migration period to ensure that students know what to expect and how to access their email once they are moved. The following changes will occur once the mailbox is moved:

  • Devices currently configured for SMU Exchange will need to be reconfigured to point to the new servers.
  • Students will use their email address in the format to authenticate to their email service.
  • Mailbox storage limits for students will increase to 25 GB once the mailboxes are moved.

Shortly after the migrations are complete, faculty and staff mailboxes will also receive a quota increase. Additional details will be posted on the O365 project page.

Register Devices Online before Arriving in August!

Later this summer, we will announce the new Network Registration Portal. There are many changes occurring this summer behind the scenes to make this possible.  We’re finalizing the new registration process to help simplify and clarify the registration and configuration of so many devices for network connectivity in the Residence Halls.

Three Networks

There are currently three networks that you may choose to use in the Residence Halls for your devices: the wired network, PerunaNet (secure wireless) and SMU_Guest (unsecured wireless). Today, the wired network and the SMU_Guest network have unique registration processes and configuration requirements. By August, the registration process for those two networks will be combined.

You will have the ability to login to the registration portal and enter the MAC addresses of all of the devices you will be connecting in the Residence Halls beginning in August. These will remain registered for one year. Once that is complete, you’ll be ready to connect to the right network upon your arrival in August. Simply plug in the device to the wired network or connect to the SMU_Guest wifi, and your device should pop right online.

The SMU_Guest network should only be used by those devices that can not connect to the wired network or to PerunaNet.  We always recommend connecting to the most secure network whenever possible.  If your device supports the security protocol used by PerunaNet, please connect it to that network.  The SMU_Guest network is not a secured wireless network and therefore should be used as a last resort for your devices that cannot connect to the other networks.

Visit our website in August or before you return to campus in the Fall and pre-register all of your devices. You’ll be up and running quickly as you begin the semester!

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