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OIT Technology News: February 2012

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IT Training: Exciting Opportunities in 2012

The New Year kicked off to a fantastic start for IT training.  We recently partnered with HR to develop our Outlook Productivity class.  Last month, we had over 65 in attendance and we are pleased with the positive responses we’re receiving to this year’s Tech Training Series.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to join us for the Tech Series Lunch-and-Learn sessions, there’s still time!  The 2011-2012 series will conclude with the following training opportunities.  Register today!

March 8:
Working with Microsoft Lync

Microsoft LyncDid you know that you have access to a campus wide instant messaging service?  This session will cover the basic features of working with Microsoft Lync including: how to set up your contacts to send instant messages to an individual or an entire team.  We will talk about IM presence, how to alert others of your availability and location and how to save IM conversations to Outlook for future reference. This session will explore desktop sharing and more…

April 17:
Digital Media Collections: Streaming Media Service at Fondren Library

The Fondren Library Media Collection recently purchased a subscription to Films for the Humanities Master Academic Collection. This new subscription service, now called Films Media Group, makes over 8000 films instantly available to you anytime, anywhere. You can stream these materials on a computer at home or in the classroom, without ever needing to visit the library. Come to this Lunch and Learn to hear Lisa Daniels Wall, Fondren Library's AV Collection Development & Acquisitions Manager and Brad Boeke, OIT's Director of Academic Technology Services, demonstrate how to use this exciting new streaming media service as well as other free media resources online.

Tech Series sessions will be held at noon in the Hughes Trigg Forum.

Additional IT Training Opportunities?

We’re cooking up a great menu for our next round of training. Sessions include a number of classes for Microsoft Office products as well as Inside.SMU and more. We are also working on packaging a series of training classes together. Completion of the full package of classes could earn you an IT Training Certificate in either Microsoft Office or Inside.SMU. Earning a certificate would be a great goal for your annual performance reviews!

Keep your eyes open for an IT training survey which will be sent early this month. Please take a few minutes to let us hear from you. Your response will help us determine what training offerings should be made available and how many classes we may need.

Relationships and Password Sharing

On January 17, an interesting article appeared in the New York Times about the trend of young couples sharing passwords.  To read the article, click here.

Love KeyAlthough some may view this as a sign of commitment or being completely honest with their significant other, it definitely is a dangerous practice.  Consider the amount of information in your Access.SMU account.  Your account contains financial data, personal data, academic data.  In fact, there’s enough personal data stored in Access.SMU for a malicious user to steal your identity.  Consider your Email account or Blackboard account. Someone could easily jeopardize your academic standing at SMU by emailing a professor, sabotaging an assignment or more. Consider your social networking accounts—Facebook etc, imagine one bad post and how quickly that would circulate.

Although password sharing may appear as a sign of complete trust, think again. Protect your information with a strong password and do not share your passwords with anyone including those closest to you.  You are ultimately responsible for the protection of your information and your online identity.

Mac Lion Available for IT Managed Computers

OS X LionThe compatibility testing for Lion, the latest Operating System for Mac, is now complete.  Over the past several months, IT has been installing Lion on all new orders.  Any upgrades or reloads for IT managed Mac systems will automatically be upgraded to the Lion OS. 

Faculty and staff may request an upgrade to their current IT managed Mac by opening a ticket via  Please include the ITS number of your computer in that request.  Our install team is currently working on over 200 existing orders. So there may be a delay in scheduling these upgrades.