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OIT Technology News: February 2011

OIT Newsletter

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Inside.SMU Training

Three new training classes for Inside.SMU are being offered this semester. Shortly after the training announcement was sent, the classes were full! Additional classes are being scheduled and will be available for registration on the Training Site.

The following classes are being offered:

Get Started with Inside.SMU: This class is designed for individuals who will be using an existing Inside.SMU site but will NOT be building the site or customizing the components. It will be a hands-on class designed to teach faculty or staff how to use Inside.SMU. The class will cover many of the basics—navigating, uploading documents, setting alerts, calendars, tasks and discussion boards.

Building your Site on Inside.SMU: This class is designed for faculty and staff who have permissions to build and modify a site. This class will cover many of the features highlighted during the information sessions in a hands-on format. It will focus on adding web parts, creating custom lists and views, creating calendar overlays, and more.

Inside.SMU Power Hour: This one hour session is designed for individuals who have already created a site and need some expert help to take their site to the next level. Our Inside.SMU specialists will share some new tips and tricks as well as answer your questions about using various web parts and more advanced features. This will not be a hands-on class, but will be a “question/answer” type session.

OIT Launches New Site

The Office of Information Technology unveiled a redesigned website in January with an increased focus on ease of use. The website has a new simplified format and design that incorporates new navigation to complement the wealth of information of the current site.

Based on feedback from users, the site is simplified with quick access to common issues or support services. New audience pages are making an appearance and expanded quick help options are now on the homepage. Also added is easy access to "Contact the Help Desk" from almost every page.

Our new OIT site is the collaborative effort of all OIT departments. We hope you find the redesign of the site useful and helpful. As always, encourage feedback that will help us to tune and improve our site even more.

Please note, previously bookmarked pages will need to be reset to the URLs in the new site. If you need assistance finding information on the new website, please contact us.

Office 2010 Deployment

The Office 2010 software was deployed using LanDesk over the past few months. At this time, all IT managed computers have been approved to receive the software. If your office computer has not yet been upgraded, you can initiate the install at any time. IT will continue to identify computers needing the upgrade over the next few weeks. Our goal is to upgrade all systems this semester in order to allow faculty and staff to utilize some of the powerful integration features with Inside.SMU.

How to determine your current Office version

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Go to Add Remove Programs (windows XP) or Programs and Features (Vista/Win 7)
  3. Locate the Office application in the installed programs. It will indicate either 2003, 2007 or 2010.

Step 2: Check the LanDesk Software Deployment Portal

  1. Click StartPrograms—LanDesk Management
  2. Open the Landesk Software Deployment Portal
  3. Click Check for Additional Software
  4. Click Deploy next to the Office 2010 installation package. Be sure that all office applications, including Outlook are closed while the installation occurs.

If the Office application does NOT appear as an option or you receive a failure notification, please continue to step 3.

Step 3: Reinstall the LanDesk agent

  1. Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome)
  2. Go to
  3. Login with your ID and SMU Password
  4. Click the link for Landesk Installations for IT Managed computers
  5. Select the appropriate link for your Operating System, if you are running Vista or Windows 7 please save the installer to your desktop, right click and “Run as Administrator”
  6. Once the new agent is installed, return to Step 2. If the software still does not appear in the Deployment Portal, please email the IT Help Desk and include your ITS number.

For personal machines, the Office 2010 software may be purchased from the SMU Computer Corner. For IT managed computers that are located off campus, you will need to connect to SMU VPN before attempting the installation. For computers managed by Cox or Engineering, please contact the appropriate help desk for installation instructions.

Technology Spotlight:

Meeting the Classroom Technology Support Team

In this edition of Technology News, we’d like to introduce you to the Classroom Technology Support Team. This team is responsible for installing, maintaining, and assisting with the various technology in classrooms across campus. They respond to calls from faculty for assistance and drop everything to ensure that the issues are resolved and instruction can continue!

Joe Jackson is the Team Lead for the CTS group. He’s worked at SMU for the past 6 years. Joe loves his Schecter C-1 Elite (whatever that is!) and loves playing with cool gadgets like the sound system at Ford Stadium. His strangest job was in the ARMY. He had the dubious honor of guard duty at the latrine. A surprising fact about Joe was that he was an ER, ICU, PEDS nurse for 7 years before switching to AV and Technology support.

James Horne has worked at SMU for 30 years! His favorite technology gadget is his Nikon DX40 camera. One of the strangest jobs he has had was showing JAWS by the SMU pool. James really enjoys working with everyone at SMU and having opportunities for learning. James actually majored in Radio Broadcasting.

Ed Aceves has worked at SMU for the past 4 years. His favorite technology gadget is his iPod. He was a elementary school science and math teacher prior to changing to the technology field. He loves learning new technologies and researching technical issues. Ed’s most surprising fact is that he just completed his graduate degree having never finished high school! He of course did have his GED!

Adam Jones has worked at SMU for the past 3 ½ years. His favorite technology gadgets are a $200 netbook running Jolicloud Linux and his old fashioned record player. He loves listening to Zepellin on vinyl! Adam enjoys hands-on problem solving and working directly with people. Fortunately, his job with CTS offers both opportunities regularly! Adam has had numerous odd jobs including sorting hay in barns, selling carpet, managing a warehouse, doing lighting for amateur film projects and playing trumpet in a few small time orchestras. If that wasn’t surprising enough, Adam is also a licensed minister who can perform weddings!