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Office of Information Technology

Room Reservation System


Browser Requirements:  RoomRes.SMU is currently not compatible with IE8. Please use Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome.

About the Room Reservation System

RoomRes is a web room reservation system built by OIT. It allows SMU users to book a room or reserve equipment for various locations on campus.

The tool uses calendars in the SMU email system. When a user makes a reservation, a calendar appointment is entered on the user's and resource's calendars.

Using RoomRes

RoomRes is easy to use:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your SMU ID and password.
  3. Select the appropriate location from the drop down list and click Go.
  4. Click on the starting time slot you want to reserve.
  5. Click on the ending time slot you want to reserve.
  6. In the confirmation box, click Reserve.

An email and an appointment confirmation will be sent to your SMU email account.

To cancel an appointment

  1. Login to
  2. Locate the appointment within your calendar
  3. Click Delete Meeting

Requesting RoomRes Calendars

Room owners may request more rooms be added to the RoomRes system. This solution has the following requirements:

  • If it doesn't already exist, an SMU Exchange calendar will be created for each of the rooms/resources requested.
  • Only free/busy information shows in the RoomRes system. Details regarding the reservation's owner can only be viewed from the Exchange calendar.
  • Individuals using the system to book an reservation must have an SMU email account.

Requestors are allowed to customize the following

  • The email that is sent when a reservation is made.
  • The hours that are available for reservations. You will need to create events in the resource's calendar to block off times that you don't want people to make reservations.
  • The maximum time for each reservation.