Release of Academic Records

Relations may elect or waive coverage in the SMU Student Health Insurance Plan online on behalf of the student, once the student has granted them Health Insurance access by logging into my.SMU and authorizing the release of the academic records.

How to Release Academic Records in my.SMU

  1. Click on the NavBar.
  2. Select Navigator.
  3. Select Self Service.
  4. Select Release of Education Records.
  5. In the Manage Student Authorized Acct window, click on the Add Access tab.
    Add Access
  6. If this is a new relation, click on the Request New Relation button, otherwise go to step 10.
  7. In the Create New Relationship window, enter the information for your parent or guardian.
  8. Click Finish Creating when done.
  9. You will get a notice that your new relationship has been submitted. Click OK.
  10. In the Relation Selection, select the relation you wish to grant access.
  11. In the Account Area Selection, select the areas you wish to give the relation access, such as Health Insurance.
  12. Click Submit.
  13. In the Confirm Accounts window, confirm your selection by clicking the "I agree" checkbox and Submit button to complete the account authorization process.
  14. You will receive a notice about the PIN Number. Click OK to dismiss the window.
  15. In the View Results window, the page will display a PIN Number that the relation must use to activate their account. Take note of that PIN Number, as you will have to share that PIN Number with them for them to activate their account.
  16. Click the Done button with finished.