Financial Aid

Award Summary

The default landing page when you click on the Financial Aid tile on your Student Homepage will be Award Summary. From this page, you can view your financial aid awards for the current term and any previous term. For details on a particular award, click on the award's listing on the page.

Accept/Decline Awards

When awards are ready for your review, follow these steps:

  1. Click Accept/Decline in the left-hand toolbar.
  2. A list of awards will appear. Confirm the term you are viewing, to change the term click the Change button in the top left.               
  3. Click the Edit button (pencil icon) to accept and/or decline awards.
  4. For each award, select Accept or Decline in the drop-down menu. For loans, you can also reduce the amount by checking the Reduce box on the line item for the loan.
  5. When complete, click Submit.

NOTE: Locations and labels of buttons may vary when using a mobile device to accept/decline aid. On mobile devices, you do not need to click the Edit button before accepting and declining awards.


The Disbursements section of the Financial Aid page shows your total aid received for a specific term. You may switch terms by selecting a different one in the Display drop-down menu.

Financial Aid Documents

Be sure to check your task tile as Financial Aid will put all outstanding documents in this section. These items have been initiated for you but you must take action to complete them. An example of the type of document you may receive is below.


task details