Please Note:
 MediaArchive.SMU will be retired on Monday, February 28, 2022. For more information, please see the IT Connect Blog.
Campus Web Portal

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A variety of images are available for use by the SMU Campus Community. To access these assets, simply login with your SMU ID and Password. You can quickly and easily search for assets as well as download those assets in a variety of formats.

Departmental Web Portal

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This web portal is for individuals who have been granted access to upload and manage assets within a designated repository.

logoMediaArchive is a digital asset management system designed to store and index a large volume of graphic images and video files. The service offers powerful metadata functionality, automatic rendering of images, and security roles offering images either for private or public use.

Getting Started

Accessing the Service

Please Note:
 MediaArchive.SMU will be retired on Monday, February 28, 2022. Access to the repository will be unavailable after that date. For more information, please see the IT Connect Blog.

MediaArchive can be accessed in three different ways:

  1. The links above for Campus Access and Departmental Access provide access through the MediaArchive Web Portal. This interface can be used for searching, downloading, and uploading small numbers of assets. Recommended for occasional users.
  2. The software client can be installed on SMU-managed computers for users who access the service regularly. Please see the following Wiki for instructions: How to Install and Log in to MediaArchive.
  3. For authorized users, Apps.SMU is available for off-campus use.

Requesting Access to the Service

As a new department is added to the service, there will be two basic security roles: View and Manage. 

View permissions: individuals can access and utilize media stored in the private departmental directory but they can not edit, delete or add content.

Manage permissions: individuals can fully manage the media items within their departmental directory.

Each asset can be marked as private or public.  If the asset is marked private, only authorized individuals in that department can access the asset.  If it is marked public, all authenticated users can access the asset and utilize the content. In order to access the public content, an individual must login with their SMU ID and password.