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How to print with PaperCut

We have multiple options for printing to campus printers managed by the PaperCut Pay for Print System.

Submitting Jobs through Email.

In order to release a job submitted through email, it must be submitted from the email address associated with your PaperCut account. For faculty, staff, and students, it must come from your default SMU email address. For guests, it must come from whichever address was included in the creation of the papercut account.

There are different email addresses for the various configurations of the print job. Each email should contain a single file in a standard format (pdf, doc, xls etc).

  1. Save your file in the appropriate format
  2. Open a new mail message from your SMU email account
  3. Enter the address for the print queue depending on the desired output
  4. Attach the single file to your email
  5. Click Send
  6. Visit a public printer that supports your desired output
  7. Swipe your ID card or release the print job through the release station

Email Addresses

Address Output Configuration Black and white, Single Side,Letter Black and white, Duplex, Letter Black and white, Single Side, Legal Black and white, Duplex, Legal Color, Single Side, Letter Color, Duplex, Letter Black and White, Single Side, Tabloid Black and White, Duplex, Tabloid

Note:  The current file size limitation for emails sent from the SMU mail servers is 30MB.  For larger files, submit the job using WebPrint.



Print Using a Web Browser.

  1. Save your file in the appropriate format. See "What file formats are accepted when using the email submission or the web print option?" in the PaperCut FAQ.
  2. Launch a web browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE)
  3. Navigate to
    1. Login with your SMU ID and password OR your PaperCut account (Guests)
    2. Click Web Print
    3. Click Submit a Job
    4. Select the Virtual print queue that matches your desired output (single side, duplex etc)
    5. Click the button “2. Print Options and Account Selection”
    6. Select the number of copies
    7. Click the button “3. Upload Documents”
      1. Upload the document(s) by dragging and dropping them to the specified location in the browser or click the “Upload from Computer” button.
      2. Click “upload and complete”
  4. Swipe your ID card or login to the Release Station to release your file to the printer
Note: The maximum file size for WebPrint is 100MB.

Printing from Lab Computers.

  1. Login to the computer using your SMU ID and password. This login will automatically associated your print job to your PaperCut account.
  2. Click Print within the desired application
  3. Select the appropriate printer
  4. Configure the print options
  5. Click Print
  6. Swipe your ID card or login to the Release Station to release your file to the printer

Guest Printing from Lab/Public computers.

  1. Access a public workstation (no login required)
  2. Click Print within your desired application
  3. Login to the PaperCut client when prompted.
  4. Swipe your existing copy card or login to the printer or release station to release your file to the printer