OIT Tech Guide:
Transitioning Recordings to Canvas with Panopto

Using Canvas' Panopto tool, Zoom class recordings can be uploaded and embedded anywhere in the Canvas LMS and played back on-demand on any computer or mobile device. From any uploaded course video, students can easily access search, the table of contents, notes, or discussion. Students may also choose to open an uploaded/embedded video in the full interactive viewer if needed.

Upload a Zoom class recording file (or other video) in Canvas' Panopto tool

  1. To upload a Zoom class recording file (i.e. MP4, WMV, MOV) simply click Upload from within the Canvas/Panopto navigation
  2. On this page, drag and drop the desired Zoom class recording files or click to browse your computer for the recorded files.
  3. Click Insert Videos when you are done and the recording will be published.

Upload a media file to Panopto in Canvas

  1. Log into SMU Canvas at smu.edu/canvas.
  2. From your Canvas dashboard, select the desired course for your video upload.
  3. From the left menu bar, select Panopto.
  4. Your course's Panopto application window will display all of the videos currently associated with your course. To upload your Zoom (or other video) recording, click the blue Create button and select Upload media.

    Panopto Create Media

  5. Utilize the Add files navigation to drag your Zoom (or other video) files into Panopto, or click to find them on your computer. A green progress bar will indicate the status of your video upload. Panopto will notify you when the video is complete, do not close the upload window until notified.

    Note:  Your video will not be immediately available for use as it will require time for processing. Shorter videos will require shorter processing time while longer videos will take several hours. A "processing indicator" will notify you as to the status/availability of the video.
  6. Once your video is ready, you may utilize/link/embed the video directly into your course pages by clicking the Panopto video you've uploaded and selecting Share.
  7. Panopto Share will provide you with links and embed codes for utilization on your Canvas course pages.