Bulk Lists

About Mylists.SMU

The volume of marketing email messages sent to students, faculty and staff continues to grow, with more than 150 departments and senders able to send to the campus. In response to requests from the Student Senate, faculty and other groups, the President's Executive Council approved a new method for sending messages to the campus community that will enable individuals to opt-out of messages they no longer wish to receive, while ensuring that critical messages related to safety and campus operations will be delivered.

Managing your subscriptions

  1. Login to https://mylists.smu.edu 
  2. Place a checkmark next to the lists that you want to remain a member of or uncheck the box to be removed from the list.
  3. Click Update

How to update your subscription preferences

Individuals may opt out (or back into) any of the managed lists by visiting http://mylists.smu.edu. When they login to the site, they will be able to view all lists to which they are eligible to subscribe as well as all lists in which they are currently subscribed. Simply check or uncheck the box next to each list to update your subscription.

Students will be resubscribed to all lists at the start of each academic year. They will then be able to adjust their subscription preferences at that point. Faculty and staff will retain their subscription preferences as long as their job records and contract paperwork remains current. 

How to request a managed list

Departments may request a managed list to send information about upcoming events, programming or other information to the appropriate audience.  These messages do not meet the requirements for the essential lists. Therefore recipients are able to unsubscribe from receiving messages from each department. Departments may request a new list by email the help desk (help@smu.edu).


Appropriate Etiquette

In order to encourage membership on the various lists, approved senders should follow these guidelines:

  • Maximum of two email notices for a particular event
  • Limit the frequency of your email messages as much as possible
  • Send the message to the appropriate target audience (i.e. undergrad messages should not be sent to graduate students)
  • Messages should be under 325KB in size
How will this change affect me?
Beginning in Fall 2013, your department will use new, department-specific email addresses to send all-campus emails. This new system will allow students, faculty and staff who do not wish to receive messages from your area to unsubscribe. OIT will provide your department with specific instructions before the new messaging system is implemented.

Can messages still be sent to a single target audience?
Yes. Your department can choose to send to any or all of four target audiences: undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff, using department-specific email addresses that will be provided to you. Members of these groups can choose to unsubscribe from messages you send using links that will automatically be added to the bottom of your messages.

How do I send a message to the campus?
Messages can be sent from Outlook, Webmail or whichever email client you prefer. The “To” field will simply need to contain the appropriate email address for the desired list. These addresses will be provided to your department when the new messaging system is implemented.

Am I required to have a departmental email account in order to send?
In most cases, the departmental email account should be used rather than an individual email address. If you need to allow an individual to send to the lists, please contact the Help Desk.

Is there a way for a department to know how many individuals have unsubscribed from their messages?
Yes, a report with details on the number of subscribers will be sent monthly to each departmental account.

My department has a single event I need to send an message about. How can I do that?
Departmental access to send all-campus email is intended for recurring use. If your department or area has a one-time event, please work within your school or area to use existing accounts.

As new employees or students arrive, will they automatically receive my messages?
Yes. A process is in place to add all new employees and students to all of the lists when they join the SMU community. In addition, all lists will be refreshed every Fall.

Where can I go with other questions?
Please contact the OIT Help Desk at 8-4357 or help@smu.edu.

Use of Bulk Email lists are provided by OIT to authorized individuals of the SMU Community. Membership on these lists is required for all current faculty, staff and students. The membership is automatically maintained through official Access.SMU records and the Account Maintenance Automation process.

About the Lists

There are 4 bulk lists that are currently available:

  • Staff: includes all Benefit Eligible and Part Time Employees that are not also Instructors.
  • Faculty: includes anyone that is marked as an instructor except for Teaching Assistants and Academic Advisors
  • Graduate: includes all students in a graduate level program
  • Undergraduate: includes all undergraduate students

Opt In Groups

Each of the lists above also has an “opt in” group. This group allows retired faculty and staff to remain part of the bulk list distribution if they choose. These opt in groups also allow other staff or faculty members to receive mail designated for a group in which they do not currently belong. The help desk manages these opt in lists and can add or remove accounts with the appropriate requests.

Approved Senders

IT maintains a list of approved senders who are authorized to send emails to the 4 groups. In most cases, departmental accounts are added to the bulk list senders group. However, individual accounts may be added as well. The request must be sent to the help desk. Only an authorized personnel can modify the approved senders list.

Message Size Limit

The student lists are restricted to 300 KB. Messages sent to the Faculty and Staff lists are restricted to 2 MB.

Message Content

Notifications sent to the lists must be appropriate for the target audience and pertain to SMU Events or information important to the audience.

Retired faculty and staff will automatically be removed from the Essential lists upon retirement.  If the retirement date is after 9/1/2013, they will remain subscribed to any managed lists to which they are subscribed at the time of their retirement.  They will not be added automatically to any new managed lists that may be created following their retirement.

Retired faculty and staff may choose to continue receiving certain types of communications. 

Essential lists:

  • retired faculty may be added to the retired faculty listserve which is used by the retired faculty association to communicate upcoming meetings and events.  Members of this listserve automatically receive the messages sent to the faculty@smu.edu list and to the faculty club managed list
  • Staff may be added to a special staff opt in group.  This would allow them to continue receiving the essential email sent to staff@list.smu.edu

Managed Lists:

  • Faculty and staff may request to be added to all lists (or removed from all lists) at any time.  Once subscribed to the list, you can manage your list subscriptions via the MyList portal.

How to request changes to your subscription

Simply email the help desk (help@smu.edu) and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Indicate if you want to receive the Essential and or Managed list messages
  • If retired faculty, indicate if you wish to be subscribed to the retired faculty listserve