Student Frequently Asked Questions

Our services and support covers Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Most students bring a laptop for mobility.

Most students living on campus bring a printer or ensure that they have a shared printer in their room. There is printing available for a fee in all libraries across campus. More Details

Yes! Your SMU email can be configured on your cell phone or other mobile devices. In most cases, an Exchange Active sync connection is preferred (allows access to calendar and contacts).  More Details

Please come prepared to use both networks. For the wired network, you will need an ethernet cable. During high traffic times, particularly the evenings, the wireless network is heavily utilized thus affecting performance. If this occurs, students can utilize the wired network for better performance.

Any device that is connected to the network in the Residence Halls or Fraternity Houses must be compatible with our network and registered for connectivity. More Details

Classes are synchronized from my.SMU to Canvas.SMU on a nightly basis. Once you have registered for the course, it should appear in Canvas the next day as long as the instructor has published the course. If the course is not published, it will not appear when you login. More Details 

The IT Help Desk can assist with network and email configuration, software questions and other technology issues. More Details