Account Lockout Issues

Account lockouts typically occur when there is an old password saved for either your Microsoft Exchange account (SMU email), or a PerunaNet connection that has been configured to automatically connect on a mobile device or laptop.

After three attempts to connect using the old password, the account will lock out.  After changing your account password, please ensure that you have updated your password on all devices where you have any of the below connections configured.

New Password?

Common sources of bad passwords:

  • ActiveSync client  (Outlook profile, or email configured on mobile device)
  • Wireless networking connections on laptops, phones, tablets, etc.
  • Disconnected Remote Desktop sessions
  • Cached credentials in a browser  (clear browser cache)
  • Stored credentials: Control Panel > User Accounts > Manage Your Credentials  (look for the domain account)
  • Mapped drives using alternate credentials  (delete persistent mappings)

What to check on Windows OS

What to check on macOS

What to check on mobile devices

  • To update wireless networking information on mobile devices, select “PerunaNet” and then “forget this network” and then reconnect to PerunaNet from the available wireless networks.