Editing Departmental Sites on smu.edu

Editing your departmental website

Pages on smu.edu can be edited live on the server using Sharepoint Designer 2007. 

  1. Click File-- Open Site
  2. Enter the URL for the site
  3. When prompted to login, enter smu\smuid and your SMU Password
  4. Click Open
  5. Make the desired changes to your site and click Save.

Adding Forms to your site

click here for instructions on webforms

Frequently Asked Questions

What software should I use to edit my departmental website?

We recommend using either Dreamweaver (part of Adobe CS 6) or Sharepoint Designer 2007 (not 2010 version)

How do I modify permissions on the site?

Submit a request to the SMU Help Desk with the names and ID numbers of individuals who will need permissions.

How do I modify the navigational links on my site?

In each of the departmental websites, there are two files-- Zone2a and Zone2b.  These control the navigational links (A-Far left, B-secondary navigation).   These files must be edited in HTML mode only.

What do I name the pages in my website?

All pages using this template must end in the .asp extension.  You can name the individual pages whatever is most appropriate.  The homepage of your site should be named default.asp.