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PaperCut Secure Print


In a standard printing environment, a user’s jobs are sent directly to the printer for immediate printing. This results in wasted paper and toner when printing is forgotten and not collected. It also presents a security risk if those forgotten jobs were sensitive or confidential.

PaperCut print release provides a simple solution that places jobs in a holding state until the user swipes their SMU ID card to release the print job. Walk-up device features such as scanning and copying will also require card swipe access once this service has been activated.


PaperCut FAQ

PaperCut is a print management software.  It allows ImageNet to track usage of printers, proactively respond to printer maintenance needs such as toner or service, and optimize the print environment at SMU.

PaperCut will calculate the total number of print jobs and paper usage on campus to give Campus Services a better idea about the type of printing needs University-wide. PaperCut is not able to collect information about the content of documents sent to print, so user privacy and confidentiality will not be impacted.  Only aggregate data will be used and information will not be reviewed on an individual level. The focus on collecting printing data  is not an exercise in trying to reduce the amount of documents that are printed; rather, the goal is to have a complete picture about printing needs on campus. Therefore, all faculty and staff are encouraged to continue printing as usual.

No, we do not have any features enabled that allow documents to be stored on the printers.  We also do not have any visibility to the content that is being printed.  The only information being tracked is the volume, type of printing (color or black and white), and duplex or single-sided.

SecurePrint allows you to send a document to the printer that will only be released once you have swiped your ID card.  In order to use this functionality, you will need to install the SecurePrint drivers on your computer.  For instructions, click here

For assistance with configuring your computer to print to a device, contact the IT Help Desk at 214-768-4357.

For all other printer issues, please open a ticket by using one of the following methods:

  • Login to and select "Printing Support and Toner".  Open the appropriate request.
  • Email and include as much information as possible

No, refunds are not permitted. Please plan accordingly when added money to your account.

Yes.  When secure print was originally implemented, the default configuration also secured copy and scan features.  We have another configuration option that will allow secure print but open up access to copy and scan. This means someone can walk up to the copier and scan or copy without swiping their ID card or entering their credentials.  If you would like to convert the copier in your department to this new configuration, please email