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I Have Forgotten My Password

All password resets are done through the SMU Password Reset tool.

Reset your SMU password

If you try to log onto Courses.SMU and it brings you right back to the log on screen there are two possibilities:

  1. You are not using the correct user ID or password. Courses.SMU is linked to other SMU systems such as SMU Webmail and Access.SMU. Can you get to your e-mail or your personal records in Access.SMU? If not you may need to reset your SMU password.
  2. If you can get to your SMU Webmail and Access.SMU it is likely that you are not in the Courses.SMU system. This is unusual but happens in cases of late registration or special programs such as continuing ed courses.


  1. Your User ID is: XXXXXXXX  (Your SMU ID)
  2. Your password is: your SMU password