Catalog Integration

Course Catalog: Website Integration

Automatically display up-to-date catalog information on your website.

SMU's catalog (, also known as Acalog) contains up-to-date information on:

  • Course listings and descriptions (not schedules; just a list of courses offered by a department)
  • Majors and minors associated with a school or department
  • Degree requirements

OIT can help you feed information from the catalog directly into your website.

Please note: we cannot pull in course schedules, as these are not part of the catalog.

What can we feed onto your website?

  • Course listing and descriptions
  • Degree requirements
  • Program information
  • Academic calendars

See an example page.

Are there limitations?

We cannot feed course schedules (those aren't part of or list courses by term, such as fall / spring.  Additionally, we are not able to separate courses based on class year (advanced language courses, for example).

Want assistance?  We're here to help!

Contact the Help Desk and request assistance with feeding course catalog information into your website.  Please include details about which pages or what type of information you'd like to automate, as well as the degree programs and relevant area(s) of study.