Cadence Custom Integrated Circuits Bundle

Design Environment

  • Virtuoso® AMS Designer Environment
  • Virtuoso® Analog Design Environment – XL
  • Virtuoso® Analog Design Environment – GXL

Design Entry

  • Cadence® SKILL Development Environment
  • Virtuoso® Schematic VHDL Interface
  • Virtuoso® Schematic Editor Verilog® Interface
  • Virtuoso® Schematic Editor – XL
  • Virtuoso® Analog Oasis Run-Time Option


  • Virtuoso® Layout Suite – GXL
  • Cadence® Chip Assembly Router

RF System-In-Package (SIP)

  • Cadence SiP RF Architect – XL
  • Cadence SiP RF Layout – GXL

Physical Verification

  • Dracula® Graphical User Interface
  • Dracula® Physical Verification and Extractor Suite
  • Diva® Physical Verification and Extractor Suite
  • Assura™ Design Rule Checker
  • Assura™ Layout vs. Schematic Verifier
  • Virtuoso® QRC Extraction – L
  • Virtuoso® QRC Extraction – XL
  • Virtuoso® Advanced Analysis GXL option
  • Assura™ Graphical User Interface Option
  • Assura™ Multiprocessor Option
  • Pcell Generator
  • Graphical Technology Editor
  • Generator for Assura™ compatible verification decks
  • Generator for Diva® compatible verification decks
  • Generator for Dracula® compatible verification decks
  • Error Cell Generator

Circuit Simulation

  • Virtuoso® Schematic Editor HSPICE Interface
  • Virtuoso® Analog Design Environment – GXL
  • Virtuoso® Spectre® Circuit Simulator
  • Virtuoso® UltraSim Full-chip Simulator
  • Virtuoso® Spectre® RF Simulation Option for 38500
  • Virtuoso® RelXpert
  • Virtuoso® Analog HSPICE Interface Option
  • AMS Designer with Flexible Analog Simulation
  • Virtuoso® Multi-mode Simulation with AP Simulator


  • Virtuoso® EDIF 200 Reader
  • Virtuoso® EDIF 200 Writer
  • Cadence® Design Framework Integrator’s Toolkit

Available hosts

Cadence products run on the Linux machines.

Starting the program

There are several scripts in normal paths to launch the IC products. No modification to your startup files is necessary to use these. "virtuoso" is the best place to start. Most tools in the bundle should be accessible from there. Other startup commands may be desirable depending on task.

Command Description
virtuoso Front to Back Design Envirionment
icde Design Entry Envirionment
icds Digital Design Envirionment
icms Mixed Signal Design Envirionment
layout Layout Design Environment
layoutPlus Physical Design Environment

There are more startup commands available not in normal paths. You'll need to add one of these to your startup files depending on shell.

ShellAdd toLine to add
csh, tcsh.cshrcsource /usr/local/cds2008/env/ic.cshrc