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October is Information Security Awareness Month

Password Protection

Your password is our first line of defense. SMU will never ask for your password in an email.

Sensitive Information

Credit cards, Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers, etc. should be encrypted if being stored on a desktop or being shared for work related purposes.

Physical Security

Never leave your laptop or cellphone unattended or your desktop unlocked.

Online Information Security

Online Training

All of the content is posted within Blackboard to simplify the process. It requires about 30 minutes to complete the course. However, you do not have to complete all the videos in one sitting.  Most of the videos are just a few minutes long. The training will remain available after the end of this month; however, we encourage you to take the training as soon as possible, especially if you use sensitive information like credit cards or social security numbers in your day to day activities.

Now available.

To complete the training:
1. Visit
2. Login with your SMU ID and password.
3. Locate the Security Awareness 2014 course in the My Courses section.
4. Click on the tutorial you wish to preview.  Blackboard will remember which ones you have completed and which still remain.
5. Complete the 3 question quiz at the end of each tutorial.

This training will be uploaded to your training transcript in my.SMU.