About Our Program

The security of SMU data and technology systems is a priority for the Office of Information Technology. Through the security team, we play a role in supporting firewalls, antivirus, and more. We help manage the cameras and card readers that help keep the campus safe. But in OIT, everyone plays a role in information security: from Infrastructure, to Applications, and Customer Service. Security is everyone's job, and to be successful we need your help, too.

How can you play your part on the SMU Security team?

Throughout the year, OIT provides a number of training and educational opportunities to develop user awareness of the various security threats and best practices for security data. From online training courses, to quarterly newsletters, to phishing awareness campaigns; SMU OIT continuously strives to provide the University community with the knowledge and tools needed to protect themselves as well as the data that resides on University systems.

During the month of October, SMU has regularly promoted Security Awareness Month. As a part of Security Awareness Month, we conduct an email campaign with tips and advice on how to maintain security patches, how to avoid online scams and phishing sites, and advertise what resources are available at SMU to help our constituents with a problem.

In addition to cybersecurity education and outreach, the OIT Security team establishes clear technical security standards, policies, guidelines, and plans to protect the campus and to reflect the values of the University community that we serve.