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Office of Information Technology

Field Support

Field Support TeamIntroducing the Field Support Team. There are 4 individuals who provide desktop support for over 4000 computers on campus! These individuals work closely with the Help Desk team to provide resolution to computer problems, virus and spyware infections, software configuration and installation and peripheral device support. The four individuals are Robert Burkett, John Blank, Paul Tubb and Jesus Martinez. They are certified in Apple and Windows 7 and provide support for both Windows and Macintosh platforms.


John Blank began working with Support Services back in 1997. He left his position as a high school math instructor to join the SMU staff. He loves working as a Field Support Consultant because he loves helping people. He loves working with technology and helping solve problems. His favorite technology is his smart phone because it can do pretty much everything! The worst job he had was throwing a morning paper route. He had two other interesting job offers including clearing gravel off of the top of warehouses or killing wild hogs on someone's land... but fortunately didn't take either one! John's greatest passion is his faith and he's often considered being a full time missionary.

Paul Tubb began working with Support Services 5 years ago. He started as a Help Desk Consultant and then moved to the Field Support team. He loves working with the Macintosh-- and pretty much any type of device or software that Apple releases. His most unusual job was as a club bouncer. He loves working at SMU because of the number of people that he gets to interact with and help on a daily basis. Something you may not know about Paul is he is a human defibrillator. He has a built in defibrillator for a heart problem but insists it contributes to his electrifying personality!

Jesus Martinez:Jesus enjoys solving various types of computer problems and working alongside his teammates. H is strangest job is working a concession stand at Fair Park. Something you may not know about Jesus, is that he'll eat just about anything that is put before him!

Robert Burkett joined the Field Support Team in January 2013.  He had been a member of the IT Installations team prior to that. He has an Associate Degree in IT-Computer networking. He enjoys exercising, fishing and computer gaming. His favorite gadget would probably be Bluetooth for cell phone---not having to hold the phone is nice. He enjoys the team atmosphere and making the users happy by providing them with new computer equipment.