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Office of Information Technology

AV and Event Support Services

The AV/Event Support team provides a wide range of services beginning with the design and installation of AV technology in classrooms, conference rooms and event spaces and the support of those devices throughout their lifecycle.  In addition, the team provides services requested for events including AV equipment, video recording and temporary setup of equipment as needed.

Installation and Design Services

Our AV team assists with the design and installation of new or replacement AV equipment throughout the various campus spaces.  We work with you to gather the specifications and needs.  We then design the space according to your budget and functional needs in accordance with our standards for support and maintenance.  We oversee the implementation and programming of the equipment and ensure that devices are maintained and repaired as needed following installation. 

To request assistance with a design, obtain a quote, or request installation, please use the AV Design and Installation Requests form.

Support and Maintenance

Classroom Support

SMU Classrooms are equipped with a wide range of technology resources to assist in teaching.

  • Emergency support as well as training is available whenever classes are in session.
  • If classroom help is needed, please call 8-8888 and a technician will be dispatched immediately.
  • For training or to report problems with the equipment, please submit a request via the Online Support Center.
  • Available equipment and instructions are listed by room on the Classroom List page.


  1. Call is placed to 8-8888 or by pressing the AV Help Button (Cox Business School Only)
  2. Call is answered by either full time help desk staff or our student worker team located in FLW
  3. Location, issue and ID number is gathered.  Call is ended so that the faculty member can resume teaching.
  4. Individual then radios a team of 17 people with the issue
  5. A consultant from either the AV team or the Desktop team who is available and nearest in location will acknowledge the call and report to the location
  6. A ticket is opened and routed to the consultant answering the dispatch
  7. The issue in the room is resolved and the consultant leaves the location
  8. The ticket is closed
  9. A survey is sent to the requestor.  Feedback is compiled and shared with ECOM and the Academic Technology Council.

If the reported issue requires maintenance, the ticket will be routed to the appropriate team for rapid resolution. The team will deploy temporary equipment if possible while the maintenance is being scheduled.

AV Event Services

An event is defined as any gathering requiring AV support outside of a regularly scheduled class. This includes lectures and meetings held in classrooms outside of a scheduled class time.

In order to provide the best support possible for your event, we ask that you complete the request form 5 days prior to your event. If you do not provide 5 day notice, we will do our best to accommodate the request but can not guarantee coverage.

Events in Hughes-Trigg

All events held in Hughes-Trigg should be requested via the HTSC Request Form. This will capture the AV needs as well as other event details. You do not need to fill out a separate AV Request Form.

All Other Events

Complete the AV Request Form for any events held outside of the Hughes-Trigg Student Center.

Please Note:  We do not provide AV Event support services off campus. If you are hosting a meeting at an alternate venue, please utilize the AV services offered by that venue.

Services offered:

  • Audio services (microphones, sound systems, audio players)
  • Video services (projectors, displays)
  • Video Recording/Editing Service
    • In order to meet the needs of both the classroom AV and Event AV services, we no longer offer the AV editing service. We can offer a limited recording service. However, it will not be professional grade video. If you plan to publish the video on your website or use it in promotional material, that work will need to be contracted out. We can recommend a few preferred vendors if you are interested.
    • We can offer a camera that will shoot a wide shot of the event. Please be sure to request this service early so we can arrange the staffing. When the event is over we will give you the raw footage to use at your discretion.

There are a number of different locations across campus equipped with a variety of AV gear. If your event requires AV equipment, please reserve a room that is already equipped whenever possible. If you need assistance in locating a room that best meets your event needs, please contact us!

Our team will meet you prior to the event to verify that all equipment is setup correctly and working. We typically do not assign a staff member to stay throughout the event. Emergency assistance is available during the event by calling 214-768-8888.


AV services are available without a fee for SMU internal events (majority of the attendees are SMU faculty, staff or students). Events where more than 50% of the attendees are non SMU faculty, staff or students may be subject to a support charge. If these events are hosted in a location with built in equipment, no charge will be assessed. If additional equipment and support is required, the estimated charges will be communicated prior to the event.

Room Setup/Furniture moves

Furniture moves and room setup should be requested through the Office of Facilities Planning and Management.