IT Governance Councils

Data Warehouse & Analytics Council

Data Warehouse & Analytics Council (DWAC) will provide guidance and direction to data administrators, or those with data management influence, in their specified areas. This group will make decision about definitions, quality, and timelines, and will bring knowledge of how data is used in their functional areas.

Data Warehouse & Analytics Council (DWAC) will include senior administrators from across campus who will discuss overarching data needs and challenges to help SMU make better and more timely decisions.

Members of the Council

  • Chair: Michael Tumeo, Director, Office of Institutional Research
  • Alison Tweedy, Associate Vice President, Campus Services
  • Toni Nolen, Librarian, Central Universities Libraries
  • Charles Headley, Executive Director, Development Services
  • Wes Waggoner, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management
  • Associate Vice President, Facilities
  • Paul Krueger, President, Faculty Senate
  • Gary Brubaker, Director, Guildhall
  • Sheri Starkey, Associate Vice President, Human Resources
  • Samantha Thomas, Director, Institutional Access & Equity
  • Patty Alvey, Associate Provost, Institutional Planning and Effectiveness
  • Ernie Barry, Associate Vice President, Office of Budgets and Finance
  • Michael Hites, CIO, Office of Information Technology
  • Curt Herridge, Applications Director, Office of Information Technology
  • Teena Newman, Project Management Office Director, Office of Information Technology
  • James Quick, Associate Vice President and Dean, Office of Research and Graduate Studies
  • Daniel Eady, Chief of Staff, Office of the Provost
  • Peter Moore, Associate Provost, Curriculum Innovation and Policy
  • Doug Reinelt, Associate Provost, Faculty and Academic Resources
  • Julie Forrester, Associate Provost, Student Academic Services
  • Adam Cebulski, Assistant Vice President and Chief of Staff