IT Governance Councils

Academic Technology Council

The Academic Technology Governance Council (ATC) was created to ensure that technology services are more effectively aligned throughout the University and to enable the faculty and academic areas to participate directly in providing strategic direction in technology decision-making for campus.

The ATC is comprised of 14 members, including faculty from each school as well as Guildhall and Faculty Senate; representatives of the SMU libraries and the provost’s office; and Jason Warner, leader of the Academic Technology Team within OIT. The council chair is James Quick, Associate Vice President for Research, Dean of Graduate Studies and Professor of Earth Sciences.

The council serves as a primary steward of SMU’s academic technology strategy. Academic leaders serving on the Council will maintain an understanding of the academic technology needs of their school or organization while also advocating for technologies that enhance the capabilities of the University as a whole. Key responsibilities of members include providing input to the annual update of their school or unit’s academic technology strategy, helping to prioritize academic computing projects, providing input to service levels, advocating for SMU’s IT users, and serving as an ambassador to OIT.

Members of the Council

  • Chair: James Quick, Associate Vice President and Dean, Office of Research and Graduate Studies
  • Dayna Oscherwitz, Faculty, Faculty Senate Representative
  • Toni Nolen, Librarian, Central Universities Libraries
  • Elfi Kraka, Faculty, Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences
  • James Lake, Faculty, Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences
  • Dennis Foster, Faculty, Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences
  • David Taylor, Faculty, Dedman School of Law
  • Steve Stringer, Faculty, Guildhall
  • Jennifer Dworak, Faculty, Lyle School of Engineering
  • David Sedman, Faculty, Meadows School of the Art
  • Theodore Walker, Faculty, Perkins School of Theology
  • Anthony Cuevas, Faculty, Simmons School of Education and Human Development
  • Allen Gwinn, Faculty, Cox School of Business
  • Jason T. Warner, Executive Director, Academic Technology Services, Office of Information Technology
  • Teena Newman, Executive Director, Project Management Office, Office of Information Technology
  • Michael Hites, CIO, Office of Information Technology