Phone Replacement Project (Phase I) [Complete]

SMU is currently implementing an updated phone system, replacing the current campus telephone system in service for the last 25 years.

Project Timeline

Phone Project Timeline

* Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

Major Project Components

Phone Deployment Schedule

Below is the deployment schedule for campus buildings by month.


6200 N. Central Expressway
Annette Caldwell Simmons Hall
Armstrong Commons
Arnold Dining Commons
Boaz Commons
Cockrell McIntosh Commons
Crum Commons
Data Center
Dawson Service Center
Fondren Library East
Fondren Library Link
Fondren Library West
Hamon Arts Library
Harold Clark Simmons Hall
Kathy Crow Commons
Loyd Commons
Martin Hall
Mary Hay Hall
McElvaney Commons
Moody Coliseum
Moore Hall
Morrison McGinnis Commons
Perkins Hall
Peyton Hall
Science Information Center
Shuttles Hall
Smith Hall
Snider Commons
Tennis Complex
Ware Commons


Clements Hall
Junkins Engineering Building
Embrey Engineering Building
Caruth Hall
Crum Basketball Center
Robson & Lindley Aquatics Center
Prothro Hall
Perkins Chapel
Kirby Hall
Selecman Hall
Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports
Collins Center
Maguire Building
Fincher Building
Crow Building


Ford Stadium and Loyd All-Sports Center
Carr Collins Hall
Storey Hall
Underwood Law Library
Smith Health Center
Heroy Science Hall
Dedman Life Sciences Building
Fondren Science Building

Summer 2020

Dallas Hall
Blanton Student Services Building
Perkins Administration Building
McFarlin Auditorium
Meadows Museum
Greer Garson Theatre
Umphrey Lee Center
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Pi Beta Phi
Binkley Parking Center
Kappa Alpha Theta
Chi Omega
Delta Gamma
Owen Arts Center
Bridwell Library
Expressway Tower
6210 N. Central Expressway
5538 Dyer Street
Hyer Hall
5539 SMU Boulevard
Patterson Hall
Hughes-Trigg Student Center

Why New Phones?

Southern Methodist University's Office of Information Technology (OIT) supports the current phone system (in operation since the early ’90s). This system provides service to SMU's main campus and SMU-in-Plano locations, but does not support SMU-in-Taos. While this system is historically reliable and stable, it is also costly because of the steady rise in annual support and maintenance expenses. The need to lower overall operational costs is one of many factors driving system replacement.

This project aligns with the following SMU strategic goals:

  • Improve and modernize aging campus infrastructure
  • Consolidate operational and cost responsibilities for telephone service operations under OIT
  • Promote responsible stewardship of resources by investing in sustainable new technology
  • Enhance the academic stature of the University by providing improved resources to faculty, staff, and students

Project Timeline

The timeline for completion of the Phone Replacement Project is approximately eighteen months from the time of contract execution. Our plan for implementation includes a phased approach. The SMU's main campus, SMU-in-Plano, and SMU-in-Taos are in scope of this project.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business is a comprehensive Unified Communications application.  It is currently providing instant messaging, presence and desktop conferencing for faculty and staff. During this project, enterprise voice will be enabled providing voice services. 

Communication Efforts

There have been a number of communication efforts as we secured funding for this project and throughout the RFP process including surveys, blog posts, and executive summaries and presentations. As the actual implementation progresses, our communication efforts will become more frequent!  We will continue to provide updates to the project on this website as well as our blog ( and newsletters.  As we schedule each building for conversion, communications to employees within each area will be provided in addition to training and workshop opportunities. Regular updates to Governance and Executive Leaders will also be facilitated.


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