SMU’s Adapted HyFlex Course Model

HyFlex is a course design model that presents the components of hybrid learning in a flexible course structure that gives students the flexibility to choose to attend classes in-person or to choose to attend classes remotely.

SMUFlex courses, prior to the semester’s start, will allow students to designate their preferred mode of attendance for the entire semester—either in-person or fully remote. This flexible course delivery model requires that course content be delivered equitably, with the assistance of technology tools, to separate groups of students. Courses built on the unique SMU HyFlex will break down content delivery boundaries between the fully online classroom and the physical campus classroom. Since separate groups of students will engage with the course content bridged by technology systems (Zoom, Canvas, cameras, microphones, etc.), course planning and design encourages discussion threads to move from one platform to the other, which will require the instructor to provide an online course experience, online assignments, and assessments.

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