Office of Information Technology

Academic Technology Services Support

To help augment academic technology services capabilities and to assist with the completion of projects which assist faculty on short-term desired technology deliverables, Academic Technology Services sponsors and manages several student technology solutions teams.  These solutions teams are made up of talented students team members who, recruited for their specific technology software or service competencies, are utilized in service of the fulfillment of academic technology objectives and outcomes of faculty-initiated help requests throughout SMU.  As faculty partner with embedded Academic Technology Service Directors, often student team members will be tasked to work with faculty directly toward the completion of project deliverables. 

SMU STAR Program

Since 1998, the Student Technology Assistant in Residence (STAR) Program has promoted the appropriate use of technology in teaching and learning at Southern Methodist University. We do this by recruiting and training students who are proficient in the use of technology to support the most common technological needs of campus community. These STAR students are available to work with faculty and departments on "short-term" instructional technology projects. Since the start of the program, SMU STAR Program have assisted faculty with hundreds of projects.

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Meadows TechEffect

TechEffect is the primary service destination for creative arts technology solutions at the Meadows School of the Arts. TechEffect will do whatever it takes to accommodate or accomplish your arts technology requests! While we can't always control the technology on campus, we can always get in touch and find answers from the people who do. Our solutions desks provide solutions that make technology more effective for arts education and instruction. TechEffect students are specifically recruited from throughout Meadows' and SMU's many different disciplines based upon their proficiency in the use of technology applicable to their areas of study,

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