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Media Resources for SMU Celebrates 100 Years

SMU Unbridled: The Second Century Campaign

Quotes from President Bush, Area Mayors and Campaign Co-chairs

President George W. Bush

“Laura and I congratulate SMU on its 100-year anniversary and $1 billion campaign milestone. While Laura had the advantage of graduating from SMU, I came to know it through the University’s excellent reputation and through the George W. Bush Presidential Center on SMU’s campus. We are proud of our association with such an excellent institution and grateful for our friendship with its president, Gerald Turner. It has been a joy getting to know the SMU students who serve as interns at the Bush Center, the faculty who are participating in our Institute’s programs and the staff who are welcoming and helpful in so many ways. We are fortunate to be part of the SMU community and look forward to many more productive years.”

Mike Rawlings, Mayor of Dallas

“For 100 years, SMU has been producing leaders for our region in every field of endeavor. The University has helped us develop the base of expertise, brainpower and the intellectual heft to become a great, global city. With the success of SMU’s major gifts campaign – much of it from Dallas-based donors – SMU and our city will continue to thrive together.”

Olin B. Lane, Jr., Mayor of University Park

“University Park has grown with and around the SMU campus and has served as a welcoming hometown to faculty, staff, students and alumni. In the process, I believe we have become a model of town-gown relationships, working together for mutual benefit. We are proud to be the home to SMU – and to a presidential library that brings even more educational resources and prestige to our community. Congratulations to SMU on its 100th birthday, its history of high achievement and its future as an integral part of University Park.”

Joel Williams, Mayor, Town of Highland Park

“Highland Park and SMU have each turned 100 together, sharing a commitment to excellence that has served well these campus and community neighbors. Citizens of Highland Park were among the first to provide land and other resources to support the founding of SMU. They knew that the quality of their town would befit a distinguished university and that SMU’s educational and cultural resources would enrich the attributes of Highland Park. We applaud SMU for reaching this milestone, and we look forward to embarking on our second centuries together.”

Michael M. Boone, SMU Board of Trustees chair and campaign co-chair

“The campaign’s success reflects great confidence in SMU’s progress under the leadership of President Turner. This investment in our people and programs will strengthen Dallas as our home city. And it will elevate the contributions of both Dallas and SMU to our nation and our global society. It has been said that a great city needs a great university, and with Dallas and SMU, we have both.”

Gerald J. Ford, SMU trustee and convening campaign co-chair

“By raising more than $1 billion to support academic excellence, SMU joins distinguished company within the higher education community. This stature underscores the reality of our growth in quality and reputation. SMU is proving to be a wise and worthy investment, not only among donors, but among the young people who will invest their futures with us as students.”

Ruth Altshuler, SMU trustee and campaign co-chair

“SMU has always offered an enriching campus experience, but this campaign elevates what we offer to our students by several notches. With new resources for faculty and academic programs, out-of-class experiences and the best facilities, SMU is an obvious choice for bright students who demand and deserve the best to meet their high aspirations.”

Ray L. Hunt, SMU trustee and campaign co-chair

“With the resources of The Second Century Campaign, SMU is moving from its stature as a well-respected national university to one that increasingly has an international reach, a university that is enjoying respect in academic centers in virtually every corner of the world. We are producing, year after year, exceptional graduates who will do exceptional things benefiting our entire global society. They will indeed be world changers.”

Caren H. Prothro, SMU trustee and campaign co-chair

“Among the many successes of this campaign, we’ve been able to add 49 endowed faculty positions, reaching a total of 111. Combined with our distinguished, longtime professors, these faculty are ensuring that our students are taught and mentored by professors at the top of their field. They bring their students into the excitement of their disciplines, building a partnership for learning that truly is inspirational.”

Carl Sewell, SMU trustee and campaign co-chair

“SMU’s tremendous improvement in academic quality can be attributed to the leadership of President Turner and is being supported by the success of The Second Century Campaign. Since Dr. Turner’s arrival in 1995, the average SAT score has risen 159 points, reaching 1309 for this fall’s class. Increasingly, SMU is the school that bright and talented students want to attend and, thanks to the campaign, we have more than 550 new scholarships to support them.”