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Immigration Experts

Immigration Experts

Matthew Wilson

What Associate Political Science Professor Matthew Wilson says about the politics of the immigration issue:

"This crisis, in addition to being a humanitarian catastrophe, poses tough political risks for everyone involved.  President Obama’s approval ratings are already low, and this seems like just one more crisis that he is unwilling or unable to handle effectively.  Moreover, it potentially energizes a hard-core anti-immigration movement that had become less publicly prominent in the last few years.  For Republicans, the challenge is not to appear callous.  Latino voters have already been trending against them, and if they seem unconcerned about the plight of Central American refugee children, it both exacerbates that trend and potentially mobilizes Latino voters for the fall elections."

Matthew WilsonAbout Associate Political Science Professor Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson, Ph.D., specializes in the politics and voting behavior of religious voters, as well as public opinion, elections, religion and politics, and political psychology. He is currently at work on two book projects, one on the political behavior of American Catholics and another dealing with how citizens decide whom to hold accountable for social and political outcomes. Wilson’s comments have appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek and Reuters, among others.