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Immigration Experts

Immigration Experts

Harold J. Recinos

Harold J. RecinosWhat Harold J. Recinos, professor of Church and Society, says about the politics of the immigration issue:

"The great mystery missed by those who insist on turning away unaccompanied minors crossing the border is that God is already bound up with their lives and inviting American society to generous self-offering. The offer of food and shelter to children coming from Central America that are defenseless against abuse and hardship is an act of welcome and care for Jesus among us (Matthew 18:5, 25.34–40).

"As the debate in this humanitarian crisis unfolds, the church's reading of scripture and sacramental life should deliver us to the truth of a compassionate God that does not will vulnerable children returned to conditions of violence, crushing poverty and certain death. I pray for the church to challenge the dehumanizing labels attached to the children that turn them into objects of racist and xenophobic discourse, rather than members of the household of God who belong to a community of love.

"I pray to remember in this context that the incarnation of the Word is God's great border crossing into our world that leaves no one beyond the reach of divine embrace, especially children who live in territories of poverty, violence, alienation and despair. I pray for the church to proclaim across the land that in the brokenness of unaccompanied children our Crucified God is present in complete solidarity with their suffering. I pray for the church to take up this cross, and follow."

About Professor Harold J. Recinos

Recinos is Professor of Church and Society at SMU Perkins School of Theology. His expertise is in North American Latino/a theology and racial/ethnic studies research pertaining to Latin American immigrants/refugees in the United States.

His research interests include popular religion; race, ethnicity, and religion; Hispanic/Latino/a theology; Latin American immigrants/refugees in the United States; liberation theologies; and congregational studies.