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Immigration Experts

Immigration Experts

Cal Jillson

What Political Science Professor Cal Jillson says about the politics of the immigration issue:

Cal Jillson on CBS 11 News

"While illegal crossings of our southern border are way down over the last six or eight years, the rapidly growing numbers of unaccompanied Central American minors arriving in South Texas has brought immigration issues back to the fore. Unfortunately, rather than spurring new policy initiatives, it has highlighted the inability of our national politics to overcome partisan polarization even when faced with an humanitarian emergency. Band-aid solutions seem beyond the capabilities of our elected leaders prior to the 2014 elections and comprehension immigration reform awaits a decisive win by one party or the other in 2016."

“If Obama had been willing to go with (Texas Gov. Rick) Perry to the border, that would have been the optics Perry was looking for – where he could lecture the president, with people crossing the Rio Grande in the background,” Jillson told The Christian Science Monitor on July 10. Read the full story

"So Perry can make those points. Obama can listen to him. I think it's way too much to expect that a Republican leaning toward a presidential run and a Democratic president are going to come to a meeting of the minds," Jillson told CBS 11 News about Obama's visit to Texas in early July 2014.

About Political Science Professor Cal Jillson

One of the nation’s foremost political experts, Cal Jillson regularly provides journalists thoughtful insight on U.S. and Texas politics. A professor of political science, he is also the author of American Dream and  Lone Star Tarnished, and a former member of the Council of Foreign Relations.