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Immigration Experts

Immigration Experts

Rick Halperin

What Rick Halperin, director of SMU’s Embrey Human Rights Program, says about the politics of the immigration issue:

Rick Halperin on WFAA News

“Our country has a legal and moral responsibility to not send immigrants back to their country of origin, where they face repression or death. It’s not the emotional answer people feel we have to have, but that is our obligation.”

"Even if it's just one person who reaches this country, this country has a legal and moral obligation to help that person and not send him or her back to the country of origin where they face repression or death," Halperin told WFAA News on July 11.

About Rick Halperin

Halperin is a recognized international authority on the death penalty, genocide, slavery, human trafficking, torture and human rights.

He is a past Chair of the Board of Directors of Amnesty International, USA. He served on the Board of Directors for several organizations, including the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, Human Rights Initiative, Capital Punishment Investigation and Education Services, Jefferson-Titus Refugee Foundation, Center for Survivors of Torture and the International Rescue Committee.