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Immigration Experts

Immigration Experts

Sarah Feuerbacher

What Psychology Professor Sarah Feuerbacher says about the politics of the immigration issue:

"The border crisis doesn't just impact innocent immigrant children, border town American citizens, and politicians. This issue is a challenge that impacts us on a national level as well as on an individual level. Without a united invested interest and effort towards a comprehensive plan, we will all be affected in our financial well-being, economic future, political landscape, and access to current services, not to mention the moral debate that is at hand. 

"If we can define the issue appropriately and accurately while using our available resources, we can have international implications to potentially set a world-wide model for immigration reform, and on an even greater level, a precedent for humanitarian care."

About Sarah Feuerbacher

Sarah FeuerbacherProfessor Sarah Feuerbacher is director of SMU's Center for Family Counseling in the Simmons School of Education and Human Development. She sits on various boards for community organizations; has led many program developments and evaluations; been awarded multiple grant designations; written for numerous publications; completed extensive quantitative and qualitative research; and, specializes in public speaking, providing frequent presentations for international, national, state, and local conferences. 

Dr. Feuerbacher’s clinical focus is on holistic approaches to working with diverse individuals in their intrapersonal and environmental systems, as well as multifaceted themes of family abuse and healthy relationships. Her current research endeavor is a mixed method cross-case study analysis focusing on increasing self esteem and social skills among young adults on the Autism spectrum using team building interventions through multi-tiered psycho-educational processing groups with the internationally-renowned NonPareil Institute; future research partnerships with national universities are in discussion.