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Political Experts - Prof. Cal Jillson is an author who regularly provides journalists thoughtful insight on U.S. and Texas politics. (9/20/2018)

Biology of Cancer - Prof. John Wise has lectured on the evolution of cancer and problems in chemotherapy, as well as on Intelligent Design (3/16/2018)

Deciphering the Runoff - Democrats will pick their nominee for governor May 22, but incumbent GOP Gov. Greg Abbott is the favorite, predicts PoliSci Prof. Matthew Wilson. (3/16/2018)

Battling Drug Resistence - Prof. Pia Vogel is a biochemist and biophysicist seeking the cause of multi-drug resistances in cancers and other diseases. (3/15/2018)

Textbook Controversy - The Texas Board of Education now has a key opportunity to take politics out of textbooks, says SMU History Prof. Edward Countryman. (3/2/2018)

Global Health Concerns - Prof. Eric Bing has developed and managed global health programs in Africa, Central America and the Caribbean, including HIV prevention, care and treatment programs. (2/23/2018)

DACA and Achievement - Prof. Elira Kuka’s research argues that the DACA program had a “significant impact” on the educational and life decisions of undocumented youth. (2/23/2018)

Understanding What Ails Us - Prof. Carolyn Smith-Morris specializes in how people in different cultural settings experience health and illness, from the flu to diabetes. (2/22/2018)

Corporate Communications - Sometimes, internal communications are the most difficult and Maria Dixon Hall specializes in the intersection of power, identity, and culture. (2/22/2018)

SMU Faculty Experts - From politics to the economy, from the humanities to the sciences, you can rely on the knowledge and experience of the SMU faculty. (2/8/2018)

Education Policies - Prof. Dominique Baker researches the effects of higher education access policies on students, particularly the underrepresented. (12/21/2017)

Video Game Solutions - Corey Clark finds solutions to large-scale problems through such diverse disciplines as human computational gaming, systems biology and artificial intelligence. (12/21/2017)

President & the Press - SMU Professor Stephanie Martin’s new book explores how the relationship between the president and the press has evolved in the digital age. (12/6/2017)

White House Politics - Presidential historian Jeffrey Engel is an award-winning scholar and authority on the U.S. presidency and American diplomatic history. (11/8/2017)

Honoring a Classic - As the movie classic Casablanca turns 75, film historian Sean Griffin talks about its enduring qualities. (11/8/2017)

Dark Matter Expert - Prof. Jodi Cooley’s current research interest is to improve our understanding of the universe by deciphering the nature of dark matter. (10/11/2017)

Cyber Security Expert - Prof. Suku Nair is director of the AT&T Center for Virtualization at SMU and an internationally recognized authority on cyber security. (10/11/2017)

Earthquake Research - Geophysics Prof. Heather DeShon leads a research team investigating the cause of earthquakes in the North Texas region. (10/11/2017)

Do more trade, not less - Business analyst Bernard Weinstein of SMU's Maguire Energy Institute says more cross-border trade and investment can lead to new jobs and higher incomes. (7/6/2017)

First Americans - Anthropology Prof. David Meltzer researches the origins, antiquity, and adaptations of the first Americans who colonized North American at the end of the Ice Age. (6/2/2017)

Statistical Science - Statistical Science Prof. Lynne Stokes researches the accuracy of contest judges and the estimates of marine fishery yields by NOAA. (6/2/2017)

Making Us Healthy - Prof. Sushmita Purkayastha focuses on cerebral blood flow regulation and the role of the autonomic nervous system in healthy and diseased humans. (6/2/2017)

Solving Immigration Crisis - Immigration continues to be an issue with no end in sight after decades of wrangling by both major political parties. (4/21/2017)

The Immigrant Experience. - An internationally recognized authority, Anthropologist Caroline Brettell’s research focuses on ethnicity, migration and the immigrant experience. (4/21/2017)

Designing Video Games - Gary Brubaker has extensive experience in the games industry, having served as a development director, a manager of core technology, and lead programmer. (3/21/2017)

Cross-Cultural Issues - Director of the Center for Dispute Resolution, Betty Gilmore specializes in conflict engagement, human rights, and cross-cultural issues. (3/21/2017)

Constitutional Rights - Law Prof. Carpenter teaches and writes about Constitutional Law, as well as LGBT Rights and the Law. (3/14/2017)

Prof Pavlakis - expert on schooling for homeless and poor families - Prof. Pavlakis focuses on the ways in which various policies and the actions of schools and communities mold the schooling experiences of homeless, highly mobile, and low-income families. (1/20/2017)

Organizational Management - Provost Steven Currall has conducted research and taught for many years on organizational psychology topics such as innovation, entrepreneurship, and negotiation. (1/20/2017)

Environmental Law - Law Prof. Jeffrey Gaba specializes in environmental law and is co-author of The Law of Solid Waste, Pollution Prevention and Recycling. (1/20/2017)

Immigration and Violence - Law Prof. Natalie Nanasi teaches and supervises students who represent gender-based violence victims and those involved in immigration issues. (1/20/2017)

Affordable Care Act - Law Prof. Nathan Cortez teaches and writes in the areas of health law, administrative law, and FDA law. (1/20/2017)

Family Advocacy - Law Prof. Jessica Weaver writes and teaches about intergenerational caregiving and about the intersection of race, gender, and family law. (11/22/2016)

Sport Management - A former football commissioner, Michael Lysko is an expert in sport management, sport franchises and player relations. (11/22/2016)

Healthy Relationships - Sarah Feuerbache, director of SMU's Center for Family Counseling, is an authority on child behavior, family abuse and relationships. (11/21/2016)

Economist and Energy Expert - Economist Bernard Weinstein, associate director of SMU's Maguire Energy Institute, is an expert on energy, taxation, and public policy. (11/1/2016)