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Jeff Kahn

Professor of Law

Jeffrey Kahn teaches and writes about American constitutional law, Russian law, human rights, and counterterrorism. His latest research on U.S. legal topics focuses on the right to travel and national security law. His most recent book, Mrs. Shipley’s Ghost: The Right to Travel and Terrorist Watchlists (University of Michigan Press, 2013), critically examines the U.S. Government's No Fly List.

His work on Russian law has been noted by name by the editors of The New York Times and published in various law reviews as well as the peer-reviewed journals Post-Soviet Affairs and Review of Central and East European Law. His latest research has focused primarily on the influence in Russia of the European Convention on Human Rights.

He is a founding member of the advisory board for the SMU Embrey Human Rights Education Program. He is also a faculty associate of the John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies at SMU.

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